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How cute are these missonis??? The colours with the brown edging and heel are great!

Find them here.


So I just got back from a little vacation with the family - a week in South Korea, most precisely Jeju Island and Busan.

In Busan, we went to one of the famous markets, gukje market which I immensely enjoyed. Busan is the largest city after their capital Seoul. Our hotel was situated right beside Lotte Department Store and Shinsegae department Store. Shinsegae happened to be the largest department store in the world. This got me really excited because hello???two huge shopping complexes right beside us?However I didnt buy much from here as these two departments were suuuuper high end and the contents of my wallets were NOT suuuper high end. hehe. It was in this market where I struck gold.

Anyway, to get straight to the point (since this is not a travel blog) Korea is one place where it is rather hard to find shoes. why?? Because most women there had tiny feet. I wear a size 8 and a half or 9. sometimes I even go up to 10 depending where I buy shoes. So whats a girl who's obsessed wi…