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Okay, okay...I know that we are in the middle of Fashion week for fall/winter and this post is so last season already...but just wanted to share the pretty shoes of ERDEM SS2011:

I love the tie-ups that have prints on them!

all photos:

I want these..

I want these shoes!!!

The Color! The Bows! Everything!
You can find these at the Topshop website...

Animal Rings

Ok, so I know my blog is called 'Life is a Shoe' thus, all these homages to gorgeous pairs of shoes but then sometimes I will be sidetracking to accessories since I love them as much as shoes.
My friend is selling these animal rings and once I looked at the pieces available I knew I had to get,like all of them. Well maybe like one piece of each animal. They were too cute to resist!!! and cheap too!

A close up of each animal....

Check out this gorgeous fox. I love how the tail is wrapped around the ring.

And this alligator...or is it a crocodile? Too cute for words!

I also have a gorgeous elephant necklace, so why not get a ring too? And no, I'm not planning to wear them at the same time. Haha.

My favorite is this one. I hate cats and hate rats even more but this ring was just too unique to pass up...You have to wear it on your middle finger though so it won't go beyond the hand.
Today, I got another animal ring from the same friend - a snake that takes up almost an entire fi…


I found this pair at the Duty Free store at my hometown.
Never thought i would find nice shoes there since for me Duty Free means chocolates and perfume.
Anyway, this one was on sale. It's a brand I've never heard of 'Caravano' and made in Brazil.
Speaking of Brazil, I've seen a lot shoes made in Brazil that are really nice. Hmmm could Brazil be a new haven for nice shoes???

I like this pair for the kinda-wedgeish heels, the color combinations and textures.