Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 28 and Shoes Lately

Sala Chaussures

It's already week 28 of the shoeper shoe challenge! I'm still so behind because I joined the challenge really late but I'm determined to finish wearing ALL of my shoes before it ends! This week I only had three Saves. And most of it, no actually ALL of it are from my shoe line! Teehee.

Sala Chaussures

Save#17 : The Hera D'orsay. Wore it with a faux leather skirt and a  striped t-shirt. A lot of people keep commenting that this shoe is such a "special occasion" shoe but I really do not believe in segregating shoes to different occasions. I just wore these on a normal Saturday. Wear them with jeans , I say! 

Sala Chaussures

Shoe Save#18: The San Rem Luna. 

Sala Chaussures

Shoe Save#19: The San Rem Metallon

These shoes, The Pegasus pumps from Sala,  I have actually already saved but I just wanted to feature them here again because I love them so much! Also wanted to give out outfit ideas because most people would probably wonder: "What on earth do you wear with shoes that have wings???"

My favorite items to wear with them are tailored shorts and a button down blouse. In this outfit, I'm just wearing a plain 'ol shirt which I think works just fine. And shorts because you just gotta show off those amazing wings right?

Sala Chaussures

What do you guys think of my shoe saves? You should join the shoeperwoman's shoe challenge, it is such a fun way to keep track of all your shoes!

Wishing you all a shoe-filled day and weekend ahead! xo

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  1. I am soo loving them all..
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If you want we can follow each other on GFC ,Bloglovin/Facebook..Let me know !

  2. Lovely shoes!

  3. The flats with the perls are so pretty, I love shoes :)

  4. Wow those blue ones are so adorable, and so fun!!! xo

  5. Totally drooling over your blue heels!! I am glad you wore them not for a special occasion - they are meant to be enjoyed ;)



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