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Sala Chaussures

I wanted to share to you all my latest and newest venture that I started with my sister. After being a Shoe lover, Shoe Blogger, Shoe Coveteur and generally an all around shoe obsessor (teehee, is this even a word?), I finally decided to pursue one of my dreams and that is to come out with my very own shoe line.

The San Rem Metallon

For the longest time, I've always had this fantasy of designing shoes. But certain fears and worries held me back and  the only way for me to vent out my shoe passions was to start this blog and to collect lots and lots of shoes. Well this year, I decided to just get off my you-know-what and do it! Together with my sister, we conceptualized, designed and came up with Sala Chaussures. A range of shoes that are pretty, tasteful, timeless and have just the right dose of decadence. If you're an avid reader of this blog, you'll know that I mention in several blog posts that there's no need to ever wait for special occasions to wear gorgeous shoes. Wear them with jeans and let them be a statement to your everyday outfit!

The Atalanta Nude

"The guiding theme in our design philosophy is DECADENCE. We believe a daily does of decadence is key to an all around feeling of content. One shouldn't have to wait for a special occasion for a treat. Have that cupcake for breakfast, sip on wine for brunch, wear those fabulous SHOES just because. It doesn't have to be expensive, just special!"

For our first collection, Holiday 2013, We've come out with 5 styles. 

The Hera D'orsay

The peacock was known to be Hera's favorite bird. These d'orsay pair has a right amount of decadence and oomph to them and are really comfortable too. I wore it on several nights out already and have lasted in them for hours. They have cushioned insoles and a .5inch platform.

The Hera D'orsay

Details on the Hera D'orsay

The San Rem Metallon

Flat thong sandals are a must in every girls closet - you can wear these from the beach to shopping  in any city to travelling all over. Its a chic staple in any shoe collection.

The San Rem Metallon

The Atalanta Nude

I think most of my readers know how obsessed I am with bows - so i couldn't NOT make a pair that didn't have them. I love these Atalanta Nude ones!

Bows on the Atalanta Nude Pumps

The Basilisk
The Basilisk has the most gorgeous green color and looks perfect worn with anything from jeans to skirts.

The Pegasus

Finally, the Pegasus. These are like our special, "shoe-art" shoes in the collection. Unique but still wearable. This pair cannot get anymore awesome.

Check out for more information on the styles and how to order. You may also send an email to . You can also write a comment below with your email add if you have any inquiries!

*The Basilisk and the Pegasus are both available for pre-order. They are coming out in January 2014 :) the rest of the styles are all ready and available for shipping.

I hope you guys love this collection as much as we loved creating them. Wishing you all a shoe filled day!

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  1. Wow they look amazing! Congratulations on your shoe line xx

  2. WOW, these shoes are beautiful! The Pegasus especially, I love it. Congrats on the shoe line x

  3. Aw they look lovely! I love the Pegasus

  4. Lovely pictures! Thanks for your visit and comment in my blog lover!
    I'm Marta from

  5. Great blog!! Merry christmas!!
    Can we follow each other on gfc/bloglovin?

    Enter the international giveaway;

  6. Ahhh, I LOVE shoes!
    So...I love your blog.
    Lol, check mine out?

  7. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  8. the last ones are to die for! :)

  9. Wow, I really love of them.
    The last two are just amazing though..
    Glitter And Blush
    Glitter And Blush|Facebook Page

  10. merry xmas huN!

  11. the nude pumps with the bows :) love em! happy holidays doll

    Alexa <3

  12. Want them all!!!


  13. Wow! Nice collection. Loving The San Rem only because I'm pregnant and should stay on flats but everything's actually gorgeous. :) congrats on the shoe line.

  14. Congrats on starting your own show line! They look lovely!

    Away From The Blue

  15. wow gorgeous shoes and sandals you have there! :D

  16. Great post, very nice photos

  17. The nude heels are divine! They go well with everything


  18. Nice collection, really love the sandals

    ooh and thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm following now it's your turn xoxo take care

  19. As usual phenomenal post! You are a champion!
    I can see that you love what you are doing!
    Thanks for posting! Love you :-*

    Katherine Unique

  20. Congratulations on making your dreams come true! My favorite is the Pegasus!


  21. Congratulations, what an amazing achievement!! We absolutely adore the collection, and we love our sandals, so the first pair have won us over! All the best with your shoes line!

  22. Your line of shoes is fantastic. I, especially, like the Hera D'orsay. Congratulations on the launch of a shoe line. I have heard so many times that it is normal to feel scared when pursuing a passion. It is a testament to your strength of purpose that you pursued your dream in spite of the fear. How happy and excited you and your sister must be to see your dream realized.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.



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