The 3 Kings' Shoe list

I've been meaning to write a Holiday wishlist but I never got around to finishing it because I was really busy with, among many other things my new shoe line. I have already gathered so many nice shoes to look at and to covet and I though it a shame not to blog about them. There IS still one holiday that's upcoming and that is the 3 Kings. I'm not sure if all of you have heard of it or even celebrate it but back when we were kids, not only did we get gifts from Santa we also got from the 3 Kings as well!

This holiday typically falls the first Sunday of the New Year. (If January 1st were a Sunday then the next Sunday of that would be Three Kings). Anyhoo, tradition was that, instead of the usual Christmas stocking for Santa, you leave out your shoes instead (so perfect right? For a shoe-aholic like moi,teehee) and some leaves for their camels to eat and maybe some snacks for the three kings. The next day, there will be presents galore!

Ofcourse, right now I am way too old for that and also way too old to know that the three kings, like Santa were just my parents (uhoh I hope there aren't any kids reading this!) But the whole point of this post was to make a wishlist, so instead of giving the title of "Holiday Wishlist" I decided to call it the "3 Kings' Shoe List"

Lots of closed pumps and barely there sandals, I love sexy and pretty shoes! You'll notice also that most of them are heels. Lol. I love flats, but I love heels even more! Hope you guys also get some ideas on what shoe styles to purchase for the new year!

Ofcourse I would have to include the styles from mine and my sister's shoe line, teehee.

Clockwise from top: The Hera D'orsay Heels, The San Rem Metallon Flat Sandals and The Atalanta Nude Pumps. You can find all these at Sala Chaussures.

What do you guys think? Any pairs from this list that you love particularly?

Click on the captions to find them!

Wishing you all a shoe filled 2014!

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  1. Love the Manolo ones and River Island ones, but honestly I would wear them all!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!! XO

  2. wow, really nice shoes! Especially I like the 3rd on 1st picture ; ))

    Follow you. Maybe follow back? ; 3

  3. Oh, I really like the black Zaras on the second photo! :)

  4. Seventh one from the second set are my favorites!
    Happy New Year!

  5. I have NEVER heard of the Three Kings holiday before! I've just added it to my things to research list. It sounds interesting.

    My favorite pair from the first collage is #10. Gwen and her design team always come up with a stellar, sassy shoe. From the 2nd collage I like #9. I have that same pair in nude, but man! I've been searching ALL over for the green pair in my size, and I have had zero luck.

    More Modern Modesty

  6. Incredible shoes! i think my favorite is the first pair in the first set. I really like thicker heels so those are gorgeous!


  7. With this awesome wishlist, i am going to be dreaming of shoes all week. These are some wicked shoes. It is so hard to choose a favorite. If only wishes could come true. Very nice post.

    Thanks for your lovely comment

    Happy New Year!

  8. so cute... lovely style
    check out my new post here HAPPY NEW YEAR

  9. #2 and 2 are my absolute favourites!
    Mafalda ❤

  10. Awasome blog (really) . We love your style :*
    Do you want to follow each other?
    Just let us know :)
    We always follow back <3

  11. Wow!! There are some amazing ones!! For example, the numbers 2 and 9 of the first picture! They're amazing!!!
    Un beso, Bárbara

  12. What a beautiful collection :)

  13. Those Jimmy Choo's are just calling my name. Great post!


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