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Sala Chaussures

Here are some snapshots from my Instagram account (celynps)  of some of the pairs of shoes that I've been wearing lately. I try to document the shoes I wear because, well y'al know how much I love/obsessed I am with shoes and I thought it would be fun to document my "shoes of the day" rather than an #ootd. I have taken this love/obsession to another level and actually just went and created my own shoe line with my sister, so don't be surprised to see more Sala Chaussures pairs gracing this blog and my shoes of the day posts on Instagram. That first photo you see up there are the Atalanta Nude Bow pumps, one of the designs from our very first collection.

Of-course being a HUGE shoe lover does not prevent me from wearing other pairs that are not my own brand. Read on to see what shoes I've been wearing lately!

Sala Chaussures - The Hera D'orsay

I wore three pairs of Sala, The Hera D'orsay which has the most gorgeous blue color and peacock feathers with metallic embellishments, The Atlanta Nude Pumps, the first photo in this post (In my opinion, you can never own too many nude pumps! they are a classic!) and The Pegasus Pump, which is kind of the piece de resistance of our Holiday 2013 collection - check out those fierce wings! 

Sala Chaussures

Other shoes I've been wearing lately: A green BCBG number that I was lucky enough to score at the BCBG outlet in Guam for an amazing price - love, love the color, the texture and the style. Two pairs of shoes from New Look : a great pink bootie/caged sandal and a gorgeous black number with a fabulous red bow. I went a little crazy at the New Look store in Singapore a year ago, they had some really good deals on shoes.


New Look

New Look

Another fabulous find, these Pedro peep toe heels I scored at an outlet in Malaysia a year ago. I went with a guy friend to the outlets and I was a little frustrated because I could not find anything I wanted to buy. I did see these Pedro (it's a Singaporean brand) shoes but I didn't buy it right away because I didn't think I loved them that much and I thought I could find other shoes that were better. Well guess what, time was running out, I didn't find anything better and I told my friend can we just please stop at the Pedro store again, I am going to try those shoes one more time and see If really wanted them or not. I tried them on and they looked even more beautiful on the seconnd time around and my friend who is a straight guy even said they looked good! So I bought them! I'm so glad I gave them another chance! I absolutely love the satin-y texture and the little ruffle at the back part.


The last two pairs in this post: a pair of So!Fab (a local filipino brand)  flats that have really cute leopard print bows and a gorgeous white satin d'orsay bow pumps that I randomly found at a market in Vietnam.


Random shoes found at  a Vietnamese market

Sorry i have been writing way too much in this blog post, I think there are many stories behind every shoe I own, and it's kind of fun reminiscing about them LOL! I really am a total shoe W$o#% ! What have you guys been wearing on your feet lately? Would love to see! Leave some links in the comment sections below!

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  1. These shoes are so cute! i especially love the pink ones! lovely post :)

    x leah symonne x

  2. I love this blog and your collection of heels! Your blog is one of a kind <3
    Love, The Urbanista


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