Shoe of the Day...Zara Pumps

I wore this out to church last Sunday. The shoe of the day is a pair of Gray Zara pumps. These are actually several years old but I still kept them because they have such a classic shape and they go with so many things! Not that I wear these ALL the time but don't you think its good to keep a pair of classic gray pumps handy in your shoe wardrobe?

A close up of my accessories:

The necklace is from a local brand, not sure where it's from but it looks kind of like Indian jewelry right? I love it!

A last close-up of the shoes:

This pair is number 39 of my shoe save for the shoeperwoman challenge. I think I'm giong through my shoes pretty fast! Click HERE for my shoeper profile if you want to keep up and click HERE if you want to join the challenge!

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  1. They're so nice!! Classic and elegant. Love them!
    I like your whole outfit!


  2. that necklace is insane and your dress looks so comfy!


  3. Those shoes are definitely classic. Good call on holding on to them. The entire outfit is fabulous. I love the edge that the statement necklace gives it!

  4. Those shoes are such a versatile colour and they look really comfy! Love the statement necklace too <3

    Ellen xx

  5. I'm so in love with your necklace and the pumps looks great!

  6. I adore these shoes - great post!


  7. I WANT that necklace!!!!! Do they still have them??! If I sent you the money would you mind getting one for me? Pretty please

    Everything about this outfit is gorgeous and those shoes are a must keep pair.


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