I'm Doing the Shoeper Shoe Challenge

Sounds Interesting right???

About a year ago, I stumbled upon this lovely blog about one my favorite things in the world. (Shoes, duh). This blog is called Shoeperwoman. Now, the Shoeperwoman (aka amber) came up with this really cool shoeper shoe challenge: try to wear ALL of your shoes in the space of one year or else you have to get rid of the ones that were not worn.

As a shoe lover, I must confess that I have quite a bit of shoes and not all of these shoes are actually worn throughout the year. Such a waste right? So this challenge is really a great way to see what shoes you have and to get your ROI (return on investment) haha out of ALL of them. Shoes are totally meant to be worn and not just to sit pretty in your closet!

This year, Amber did something different with the challenge. Instead of uploading pictures of the people "saving" their shoes to her blog, she and her husband Terry created sort of like a social network for shoes where you can upload your profile, your shoe saves and etc. So cool right??? (hey amber, maybe you and terry will be the next mark zuckerberg or something for shoe social networks? teehee)


CLICK HERE to know more about the challenge from Shoeperwoman herself.

CLICK HERE to Join the challenge.

I joined the challenge last week and here is my PROFILE. 

Asides from being able to upload our shoe saves, there are forums where we discuss everything about shoes and about other things too, like clothes! Members even upload their shoe collection and like Amber, I love looking at other people's shoes, you can too if you want!

A peek into my shoe closet - didn't show everything as they are all over the place and they have different types of storage.

CLICK HERE for the forums.

Since I joined the challenged I've already saved about 10 pairs. Which is really great! Here are pictures of some of my shoe saves:

Shoe Save # 4: Zara Sandals

Shoe Save #2: Shoes from a random store in Madrid, Spain

Shoe Save #3

Shoe Save #6: Aldo Peeptoes

Shoe Save #7

I'm really loving the challenge, i think I've saved a pair everyday since I joined! Once again CLICK HERE to check it out and HERE to join.

If you just want to look at the shoes, then just visit shoeperwoman's blog HERE.

I'll be posting some of my shoe saves in my blog occasionally but I won't be putting ALL of them here. If you want to keep up with my shoe saves then just check my shoeper PROFILE.

Thanks for reading guys!!!

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  1. Great shoe challenge! Love the shoes you have saved!

  2. Love this idea! I am doing something similar with my clothing, but hadn't integrated shoes into the mix...and just posted on spring shoe trends, which will inevitably lead to some additions to my collection. :)

    Love your blog and thanks for visiting mine and commenting!


  3. great collection of shoes. All the best with the challenge


  4. LOVE the blue satin shoes! Soo pretty!


  5. Thank you for your sweet comment! Love this post! I definitely need to try out this challenge!!


  6. wow your shoes are so amazing!! *_* this sounds like an awesome challenge! I think I have quite a modest collection of shoes...maybe only 30??

  7. I love the second pair the most!

  8. This is actually a great idea. I love your collection.I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. Great shoes! especially love the deep blue heels,


  10. Your shoe collection is gorgeous!!!


  11. Wow you have so many shoes!! it's so interesting because I own a fair few clothes but not very pairs of shoes. I'm trying to expand my collection some more since I think a pair can transform on outfit so watch this space. I like the blue shoes here :-)


  12. OMG! I love your shoe closet!!! How many shoes do you have?! You inspire me to expand my shoe collection, I only have around 30-40 pairs and I think this challenge is a great one. Even with such a small collection I realize I haven't worn a bunch of mine in a while lol.

  13. shoe save #7 outfit and shoes!! i remember from when you dropped off your pyrex at my place. teehee. keep saving those shoes! :)

  14. Oh I LOVE this!! You shoe closet is totally DROOL worthy!! And you have some amazing shoe saves!!

    xo, sam

  15. You inspire me :) just followed you!


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