Vince Camuto Two-tones

I've mentioned constantly throughout this blog that I love two tone shoes.A lot of the two tones out there in the world are black and white or nude and black like these or have a variety of different color combinations  and textures like these, these or these.

Today's Two tone feature will be of the latter variety - meaning tis not the usually black or white. To be more precise baby blue and white!

These would be a great addition to your spring/summer wardrobe! For some reason I see this being paired with a flared 60s looking dress.I'm obsessed with 60's outfits! And how great would perfectly nude or pastel manicured toes  look like peeking out of  these shoes?

By the way I just said that the color may be baby blue but come to think of it I think its actually a mint color! which makes it even prettier!!!

Find them here.

All photos are from the Vince Camuto website.

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  1. so cute and love your blog! lovely :)
    shall we follow each other?

  2. Super cute shoes! I love the two tone as well.

  3. omg, I love this shoes, and want it. Nice post.
    Thanks for visit my blog, hope to see you back soon.

  4. I need these shoes....Like NOW

    XOXO - Krystin


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