My Life Is A Shoe : Prototype Testing for Sala Chaussures

I'm starting a new series in this blog. It's called : My life is a Shoe. As some may or may not now, I have my own shoe line called Sala Chaussures together with one of my sisters. I thought it would be fun to share some shoe aspects in my life in this blog. After all I feel like my life IS a shoe. I write about shoes, I stalk shoes on the internet all the time and I design and produce and sell shoes. For my business, it's a chance for me to capture moments when we get prototypes and when I'm testing them out.  It's basically a section where I write all Sala Chaussures shoe related stuff and some real life OOTD ideas for the shoes that I am testing out and maybe producing. It will be like a kind of mini day in the shoe life.

Also, I am starting to upload some more OOTD photos with my Sala shoes. I thought it would be a fun break from only just posting shoes that I covet and curate. Nothing fancy and glossy looking - just wanted to really show a normal photo in a normal day wearing my own shoes and maybe some outfit ideas.

For this post, I had these gorgeous prototype shoes made. This pair is a pointy toe turquoise colored slingback featuring a pretty fabric ribbon on top. It has a low kitten heel and slingback. It's an absolutely beautiful shoe but two things are holding me back from producing it just yet - 1.) I need to find a way to make sure the slingback strap won't keep falling off. 2.) I love, love, love the color but I am not sure a lot of people will want to wear this on a normal day (like I do! Haha).

So I might produce these in other colors, or change the back part of the shoe and make it into a pump instead of a slingback- who knows! One of the fun parts of being a shoe designer is that I get to wear all these designs and even If I don't end up producing them, then I end up with way more pairs in my shoe wardrobe since I still get to keep them anyway! One of the perks of my business!

What do you guys think of this section? Would you like to read/see more about the "shoe life"? Also what do you think of this shoe design? Do you like the color? Would you like seeing these in a pump or a slingback? Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. I think the series sounds great, your shoes is very pretty.

  2. The shoe is beautiful! I do think that it would sell better in a neutral color because I think I don't see too many people wearing this color, even though it's a pretty tone. I would love it as a flat because I don't wear too many heels, and I also think it would sell more as a flat. The design is gorgeous! Hope that helps babe and congrats on your shoe line.


  3. Well done you this is so exciting, love the section, keep going!

    Love from London,


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