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How To Wear Purple : 7 Ways And 14 Outfit Ideas

My favorite color, like ever is purple. But the weird thing is, I almost NEVER wear the color. I love it for many things, but never in outfits. Lately, I've sort of been having a "craving" to wear the color. I see a lot of fashionable people wearing it and making it look so chic and I decided I wanted to try wearing it more. I also challenged myself and decided to try to come up with several ways to wear it and some outfit ideas. Up until last month,  I had about a grand total of 3 items in my closet that are purple. The rest are items that I purchased recently when I realized I wanted to try wearing more of the color. I have also put together a Pinterest board t hat gathers several inspirations from random style setters I stumbled upon in the world wide web. Go and check it out for even more inspiration. But before that, here are 7 ways I style purple clothing items plus some outfit ideas! 1. Wear with prints 2. Wear with white. 3. Do some color paletting. Get inspired

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