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The Monthly Shoesletter : Why I Love Buying Local

One of the main reasons I have my style Instagram , YouTube and Tiktok is because I really want a space where I can showcase  locally made and more independent brands and makers. Sala Chaussures Shoes from the  Basics Line Being a small business owner myself, I love, appreciate and support locally made fashion items even more. For one, they are all almost usually handmade by artisans. There is just something about a handmade item compared to machine-made mass produced stuff. They are more rare and special and laborious. You can see that a lot of care and effort go into making each item and you get to appreciate them even more. From left : Shoes my from shoe line, Sala Chaussures ; Geometric shaped earrings from Lavande Artisan , black and white top from Liven PH , Kimono top from Keimono. From left : Handmade clay Philippine flower earrings from Una Artesana , terno top from Ilaya Couture , fish straw hat from SEPA. Another reason is that locally made items are bound to be unique. I

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