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New Year, New Shoes : 6 Outfit Ideas For My Sala Chaussures Veronica Bijou

Sala Chaussures Veronica Bijou  Happy happy new year to all you shoe lovers! I really hope 2021 will treat all of us better than 2020. Though it is still not close to 100 percent back to normal, there's still so much to be grateful for and hopefully we will all get through these challenging times. When this pandemic started,  I wrote a post  on how I was still going to continue posting fashion content. I know fashion is not the biggest priority right now and it's not going to save lives, but if it offers some sort of temporary relief for some (myself included!) from the situation we are in then why not. Life goes on. Though my sister and I mostly were not very active with the shoe business last year because of all the lockdowns and happenings, we managed to get out a new shoe design. We didn't go into production with it though and put it out on a custom order basis. It's actually a spinoff of our existing  Veronica style . We made it into satin bejewelled colors : tanz

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