Shoe of The Year The Sala Chaussures Odette Swandals

I've been meaning to write this post since the year started. It is now April and Life Is A shoe has not been active since November of 2017! I do apologize as actual life has been getting in the way. I do know that blogs do not write for themselves so I  am looking forward to setting aside time to post here more often. Anyway, back to this shoe post.  These shoes are from my line, Sala Chaussures. We came out with the Odette Swandal Style sometime the year before and everyone has been loving them! I have been wearing them nonstop as I think they are so pretty and dainty- but still very comfortable. They are slides so that makes them casual enough to go with anything from jeans to shorts to minis. At the same time, the Swandals have these pretty bows on top that also make it pretty dressy.  This is why I've decided that this style is my shoe of the year. The year of the Swandals! We now already made them in 10 colors! Check them out!

What do you guys think? Which colors are your favorites?