The Essential City Break Packing Checklist

City vacations are so exciting. More so if you don’t live in a huge one. Visiting a popular capital of the world can be really fun. Imagine exploring cities like Paris, Hong Kong or Buenos Aires – there is always so much to see, so much to do and so much to eat! When packing for a city break, all the essentials must be prepared in advanced. I’ve broken it all down for you in this post and given my suggestions on the important things to bring. Planning and preparing ahead will lessen the stress levels that go hand in hand with travelling. So whether you’re gallivanting around Berlin or New York or Vienna, you can maximize your time and have the best stay.


Travel to any city in the world and I can guarantee that there is sure to be a lot of walking involved. And I mean A LOT.  It’s one of the best ways to explore new places! That’s why you need to prepare the right pairs of shoes to bring. These Michael Kors Trainers are a great choice because you can still look chic while walking around the big city. They are a perfect complement to your travel OOTDs! For a cute and dressier but still a comfortable option, try wearing Fitflop ballerina shoes. They also look great with any outfit as they have a classic shape.


Depending on the weather, you can pack accordingly. If you know that it’s going to be scorching hot then pack some loose and light clothes. A good romper is a great and chic summer option. Cotton shirts paired with loose cotton pants or even just shorts is sure to make you feel comfortable and fresh all day – especially if humidity levels are high. Maxi dresses are also a great option and a no-brainer chic piece. Make sure to bring a sweater or light cardigan. You will never know when it will suddenly get windy or if the temperature will drop.


A pair or two of sunglasses and a hat are a must. Walking around outdoors means you will get a lot of sun exposure. Make sure you will protect yourself from some harmful UV rays. A hat is a huge lifesaver when you’re constantly under the sun as it helps keep your head cool. If you want to add some more pizzazz to your outfits pack one or two statement earrings – they will instantly elevate any look without much effort. If you are a necklace or bangle type of girl, then by all means bring a few. I personally think that these get in the way with all your bag straps and camera straps so it’s best to keep it simple. That’s why I think sunglasses, a hat and some statement earrings are the accessories trifecta for traveling!

Beauty Products

Make sure to pack sunscreen. Just because you’re not going to the beach, that doesn’t exempt you from incurring the sun’s wrath on your skin. Make sure to bring sunscreen for the face and body. Facial mists are also a great way to freshen up after a couple of hours out walking under the sun. Always have lip balm on you – chapped and dry lips are the worst when traveling. Bring sample/travel sized bottles of your usual skincare products so that you don’t have to skip on good skincare habits/routine during the trip! Another product I think is super essential is facial wipes! These will be super useful at the end of the day to wipe your face clean of your makeup and all the soot from the city. It’s especially handy if ever you are too tired to wash your face.


A camera plus extra batteries are mandatory. Bring extra memory cards also – you wouldn’t’ want to regret not taking as many photos just because you ran out of memory! Also carry around a power bank (portable charger) for your phone. You’ll be using google maps and snapchatting a lot of your day’s activities and these can eat up your phone’s battery fast. Make sure you check out ahead what adapters to bring or better yet, invest in a good universal adapter so you can take it with you anywhere in the world!

And there you have it : the most essential things to pack for a City Break. I want to know what you guys are packing for your next city trip or if you are planning to bring any of the things I mentioned. Comment down below!