Christmas Shoe Gift List


It's already December! Christmas day is just around the corner, who's excited?? Most importantly, who's started their Christmas shopping already? I know the Christmas season can be pretty hectic and it's really best to get all your shopping out of the way as early as now. There are so many wonderful gift ideas out there but I thought I would narrow my gift list suggestions to...what else but shoes? Haha. This list is a specific guide on the types of shoes you can gift out to certain people in your lives. Read more after the jump!

For the Man in your life

This can be your boyfriend/husband, father or brother or even best guy friend. Most of the boys I know are really into  sports so I think they would appreciate all these cool sports shoes from Under Armour and Nike and Adidas. For the stylish man, these boat shoes and loafers would be perfect! For the chill and laid back guy, Converse sneakers would look great.

Under Armour

Bostonian Loafers

For the Little Ones

Cute booties, dainty ballet slippers and mini high tops would look so, so adorable on any kid in your life. Gift your kids/ nieces/ nephews with all these cute little footwear.

J Crew

1. Circo 2.Circo 3. Golden Goose 4. Heelys 5. Leegoal 6. Freshly Picked 7. MICHAEL Michael Kors 8. Mini Melissa 9.Mini Melissa 10. Mini Melissa 11. Minnetonka 12. Ocra 13. Pumpkin Patch 14. Sophia Webster 15. Ugg

For the Women in Your Life

Your mother/sister/best friend/cool aunt/colleague would really appreciate a gorgeous pair of shoes this season! Quirky flats, sexy stilettos and even some funky sneakers would be much appreciated by some of the most important women in your life. If I have any male readers out there, then list would be very helpful to you too! One way into a woman's heart is a fabulous pair of shoes!



Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels

What do you guys think? Which ones are you getting for your loved ones? 

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  1. wow love it
    Posts online about Dubai, Rio, Amsterdam...

  2. Great picks, love them all!!!

  3. my BF needs a new pair of trainers and smart shoes so getting those for him for xmas :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Such a great selection! Shoes for women are gorgeous, especially 13!

  5. Really nice shoe-gift ideas love the selections.

  6. My favourite would be the yellow bejeweled pair. Stunning :)

    Real Life Nerd //

  7. Love this selection of shoes - you have really great taste!

  8. Lovely pictures, great inspiration!
    I guess, no one can get enough of shoes? I just bought myself a new pair yesterday and can't wait to wear it! :)

    Katarina x

  9. Great seleccion! Kisses from Menorca!!


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