Designer Shoelight : Alexandre Birman

Resort 2014 - Clarita

I've been posting about Alexandre Birman shoes for a while in the blog and admiring his style and aesthetics ever since I heard about the brand. You may or may not know that Alexandre Birman has shoes, shoes and more shoes running in his blood. Ever heard of the Brazilian Shoe brand Schutz? His family has been in the footwear industry in South America since the 1970's.  Schutz is one of the Brands that is produced in his family's factory.

Alexandre Birman is a Brazilian designer who grew up surrounded by shoes. He has designed and acted as director for the brands of the family's company, namely Arezzo & Co. and Schutz. These brands are mainly sold in Brazil and have quite a number of followings. Schutz as mentioned by Alexandre Birman in one interview is the number one most followed shoe label in the country. (they are actually starting to branch out to other countries, like the US)

Alexandre Birman decided to start his eponymous line in 2008. Where Schutz is aimed at younger women and has a price range of 200 to 300 dollars, Alexandre Birman was geared to a more older and sophisticated set. It is also more high end with a focus on luxury, femininity and sophistication. He has a penchant for exotic skins like lizard, ostrich and crocodile. 

Pre-Fall 2013 - Adele

Pre-Fall  2013- Carmelia

Pre-Fall 2013 - Timy
Fall 2013 - Flor

Fall 2013 - Pippa

Fall 2013 - Zola

Fall 2013 - Carys

Resort 2014 - Ametist

Resort 2014 - Dree

Resort 2014 - Elettra

Spring/Summer 2014 - Brunna

Spring/Summer 2014 - Sayra

Spring/Summer 2014 - Tattoo

I absolutely adore his design and style aesthetics. His shoe designs have everything that I ever want in a shoe : clean lines with a touch of style and color, perfect arches and infinite chic and sophistication. I once read in an interview that though Alexandre Birman is not against giving away shoes to celebrities for publicity, he still prefers that they pay for it. Meaning he wants these famous people to really like his shoes and not advertise just because they are paid. It just goes to show how confident he is in the design of the shoes. You can see that his desigs justify that confidence because they are all just really beautiful! I can't wait to see his future collections!

What do you guys think?

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  1. I love the first pair and Resort 2014 - Dree! So pretty!

    xo Jo

  2. Beautiful collection! Love the Carys model the most.

    Bella Pummarola

  3. Stunning shoes!!! I want all of them :)

  4. His shoes are stunning! The designs are so wonderful and isnpriring!! I saw the collections several times on my trips to Rio!!

  5. He does design great shoes. I would love any of these to be added to my collection

  6. Beautiful shoes but I really like #1,6 and 14 are my favorite heels :)
    Fashion Phases


  7. I love knowing the background of designers. Shoes really are in his blood! I'm drooling over the ametist and the brunna!

    Luci's Morsels - fashion. food. frivolity.

  8. Oh my gosh, I love all of these heels! Yellow fringed pair are my favorite.

    Heidi D.

  9. love the carys design, i;m a sucker for ankle boots, great post!

    99 OUTFITS

  10. Lovely collection !!
    His shoes are stunning !!
    Kisses dear

  11. Thank you for relieving my craving towards new and fresh shoe designers! I would definitely check his work! I love how he managed to combine different types of garments. Splendid!

    Do you mind if I also review a post about him on my blog?

    Adrian FS.


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