Weird Shoe Wednesday...Iris Van Herpen x United Nude


Yes this is  a shoe! And it's actually  available for pre-order and purchase and you got it, for wearing. This is the fruit of a collaboration between Iris Van Herpen and United Nude. United nude, is already known for pretty unusual shoes and it's collaborations with designers like Iris Van Herpen takes the "unusualness" of theirs designs to another level.

This is called the Biopiracy boot.  To explain further on what exactly  this Biopiracy boot is all about : "The Biopiracy collection by Iris Van Herpen emerged from astonishment of companies’ patented human genes. As part of the show, Lawrence Malstaf created art installations, which developed the impression of models being weightless and breathless. In their half-sleep they seem bio-hacked, to slow down time and energy. Iris van Herpen and Lawrence Malstaf experiment with living objects, kinetic architecture and physical interaction through fashion in installation art." ---> from the United Nude Site



It's certainly a weird enough shoe and I'm sure most of you can't imagine how it looks when it's worn. Click HERE to see how they look when they're on the feet!

They are pretty cool come to think about it and though I wouldn't order one for myself, I'm still curious as to how they are when worn - whether they're comfortable (probably not) or if the front part is stiff or flexible. And how you get into in, in the first place? If you notice there is a hole on top where the whole leg is supposed to go through. I'm also curious to see how anyone who buys it would style it!

What do you guys think? Would you wear these creations?

If you want to pre-order these boots, click HERE.

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  1. Wow these shoes are super weird but after looking at the photo of them being worn I like them a lot more:) (I wouldn't order them but they are interesting and I love a unique shoe).


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