Halloween Shoes

Rat Baby Screw You Cross Heel

Happy Halloween Guys! It's still two days till the big day but I am sure that there have already been Halloween parties here and there starting last week and am sure there are still more to come. Still don't have a costume? What about dressing up your feet instead in statement, scary, creepy shoes? I've gathered some of the creepiest and most unusual looking ones out there in this post. I think wearing these shoes is a pretty great alternative to wearing a costume OR a great complement to whatever look or character you dressed up as!

Mega Wedge Unitard

1. Iron Fist Bone Breaker Flats 2. Iron Fist Soul Stealer 3.  Iron Fist Zombie Stompers 4. Mega Wedge Senorita

X-Ray Skeleton Flats

1.Agnes Steampunk High Heel 2. Metropolis Steampunk Boots 3. Bullet Skeleton Molded Heel

Metropolis Shoes Predator Stempunk

What do you guys think of these creepy shoes?

Click on the captions of the photos to find them.

Wishing everyone a very spooktacular Halloween!

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  1. love the first pair, def. halloween worthy. thanks for sharing.
    x http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  2. love the first one's,great for halloween time

  3. So original!!!


  4. Cool post, Love the skeleton flats !

    xo' M

  5. really cool shoes! fits perfect for halloween


  6. I LOVE THEM !!

    I would definitely wear them any other day than Halloween !!!



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