Strappy Shoes...New Look

I've been hunting for a pair of multicolored strappy sandals ever since I missed out on these ones from Zara. New look has something similar although in my opinion, the Zara ones are nicer, If you want a nice alternative, then these are fine. Of course both the New Look and the Zara pairs are really just the alternatives to the very expensive Nicholas Kirkwood!


Not everyone can afford the expensive versions so I guess some of us have to settle for these. they are not bad actually. I really like the whole lace-up concept and mixed colors and textures. These New Look ones aren't as colorful as the Zara ones, they have more muted and sombre tones but I still like them. I feel like the heel height isn't really that high though, but based from the photos, it doesn't seem like it affects the over all structure of the shoe.  I would give this Heel a B.


What do you guys think?

Find these HERE.

Wishing you all a shoe filled day!

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  1. That's a fun sandal, but I couldn't pull it off. I def don't have enough attitude!

  2. def yes! such cool shoes!!


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