Dsquared Multicolored Shoes


Whoa it has been a pretty long time since my last post! Apologies, I've been on holiday and busy with many other things. Anyway, regular posting shall resume now. (You may also follow me on instagram, I update that pretty often: celynps) Anyway, these Dsquared multicolored ankle strap Sandals are taking the spotlight today. The combination of the metallic purple and and gold with the green has a stunning effect on the shoes. It's not a super unique shape and style but the colors used and the combination makes it special.



 What do you guys think?

Find them HERE.

Wishing you all a shoe filled day!

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  1. I will definitely buy this ones!!! Gorgeous!

  2. Just the pair needed for a pop of color.

    I've been a fan of colorblock shoes for quite some time and I'm actually obsessed with the (D'Orsay/Lucite) style. I would definitely purchase them.


    P.S Shoes and chocolate DOES make the world go 'round.


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