A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Badgley Mishka


I hope you are all having a lovely start to this work week. I know that the awesome weekend was gone, but how about looking at this pretty pair to chase away the workday blahs? These are Badgley Mishkas and were segregated to the evening shoes section, but like I say with so many other "dressy" shoes that I feature, I really see no reason why you should save this pair for special occassions. Wear it to the office if you want and who cares if people make fun of you? They will just be jealous that you have the most fabulous pair of shoes on. You can totally wear this with a full skirt or a pair of skinny trousers, no problem.



Just look at the detail in the back! I love this nude/blush satiny color and the structure and heel height are perfect.

Wishing you all a shoe filled day! Have a great week ahead of you!

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  1. This one is so elegant!

  2. What a gorgeous pair of shoes! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

  3. I love the design on the back but i would prefer it in a wine or burgundy - #fussy.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. I love this one , and I love the idea of a blog for shoes nice work !




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