New Shoes...Zara

I was so, so happy when I found these Zara shoes "marked down" (i asked the Zara people if they were on sale, they told me mam no it's a "markdown" ...ummm isnt that the same thing??). Anyways, to get back to the point. I saw these online awhile back and thought they were pretty okay but when I saw them in the store and actually tried them on my feet, I found that they were too pretty to pass up! Love the material and love the color combination. The strap and the detail on the back of the shoe are actually of a different material from the suede over all material and I really love that contrast!

What do you guys think? You can still find them in the Zara websites. Click HERE.

Note: I think they've even been reduced further since I bought them two weeks ago!

Wishing you all a shoe filled day and week ahead!

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  1. Love the style and color combination of these Zara sandals!

  2. I love this shoe, the two-tone color is great! I have only worn them once, but I'll get a lot of use of them!

  3. Adorei ! Um luxo esse sapato ! <3

  4. Those are so cute, I've been looking for a pair like that!

  5. I love them hun!!!!
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  6. Brilliant sandals my dear, very happy for your! LOVE that they're in black and white, simply gorgeous! <33 Bravo!

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  7. I love them!!

  8. love them heels soo cute!!!
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  9. Nice!

  10. The shoes are amazing...truly a classic.

  11. I think they are super cute and classy.

  12. Are they comfortable??? My feet are kind of wide :( Would you suggest those for me?


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