Weird Shoe Wednesday...Masaya Kushino

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It's a bird! A plane! No it really is a bird. Haha. Sorry for being so corny. But yes, it is a Wednesday and you know what that day means here at Life is a Shoe! Weird Shoe Wednesday Time. These ones are by Masaya Kushino. I don't think these shoes can be worn though, they are shoe art after all but if you could would you wear them? I personally think they are very cool. The huge feather is so dramatic! It says in it's description that they are "crows wings" . Not sure about the furry part at the front of the shoe though. The feather is really the winning factor for me. This shoe is called the "Stairway to Heaven" so maybe it also connotes another meaning in that they are actually meant to be an angel and not a bird?

What do you guys think of today's WSW shoe? Would you wear them if you could?

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  1. those shoes are INSANE! seriously insane!

  2. they're adorable...make me think of skylarks

  3. Is the white part PART of the shoe or not because if it is I probably wouldn't wear them but if it isn't...I totally would :)))

  4. Looks like native american head gear:)Thanks for visiting me. Le me know whether you like to follow each other.

  5. This is strangely beautiful.
    Laura. xx

  6. Love Love

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  7. These are def wierd! lol Thanks for stopping by!

    xo Marie

  8. I don't think I'd wear it but these shoes are so much fun to look at.

    xo Jo

  9. These shoes are weird, but definitely lovely. I'd totally wear them! (Although that furry part is a little weird...)


  10. Wow, they are cool and interesting!!

  11. it might be "Weird" but damn it looks beautiful!

    steph /


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