Weird Shoe Wednesday...Joyce de Guiter

Today's WSW post : Joyce de Guiter's City Shoe. These shoes are specifically for shoe art's sake only and cannot be worn. I still love to look at them and feature them though. Don't you think they are so interesting? how can one think of putting a city in a shoe?


If these shoes COULD be worn, i'm trying to figure out where the feet would go in. What do you guys think? It's fun to look at no?

Joyce de Gruiter makes shoe sculptures and here are some other examples of her work:


The Ice Cream Shoe. Find this Here.


The boat shoe that is called "Willem Ruys". Find it here.

Check out her site HERE to see more amazing shoe sculptures.

What do you guys think of everything in general?

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  1. One word- AMAZING!
    Laura. xx

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  2. somehow... I kinda like the ice cream shoe... :P

    Followed you via GFC, I hope you follow back as well...

  3. Buenas imágenes!!

  4. Wow! No, I don't know how a foot can enter any of these creations... I was also puzzled! But they are pieces of art, I think, not to be worn... or else one ends up with a broken ankle, I suppose!

  5. I love the city shoes - they could be boots - like the city part covers your legs! And the Icecream ones could work if you put the scoops on the front of the shoes and had sauce dripping over them - I smell a DIY.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  6. weird indeed

  7. Que imagenes tan inspiradoras!!
    Un beso

  8. Wow what an interesting concept! The ice cream one is amazing!

  9. Looks like something Lady Gaga would wear.

  10. That's really some crazy shoes!

  11. I looove shoe art! I kind of already look at them as art, I mean, they're so beautiful and uncomfortably impractical and yet I want to own them and wear them in spite of that. These are just that general sense of shoes to the next level! I also think that if you could wear the city shoe, there'd be a leg opening in the top of the shoe and a hidden zip up the back. It'd be pretty cool.



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