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Pedro Peeptoe high heeled pumps I got  at an outlet somewhere in Malaysia. I was pressed for time already and wasn't going to buy it at first but at the very last minute I did. Good thing I bought it! They are so gorgeous worn and I really love the ruffly detail at the back, They are also so versatile and can be worn with everything! Even a guy friend said they looked good on!

These are Santana, by Carlos Santana. Imagine to my surprise at finding these beauties at a Ross Store. I got even more surprised at the name of the brand. I didnt even know that Carlos Santana had a shoe brand! It's so random. I looove the d'orsay style ad the ruffly fan detail at the back! Such a great find.

I've had these red Lanvin flats for the longest time and I still can never get rid of it. They are chic and such a classic style. Best of all I got these at 50 percent off at the summer sales in Paris! Such a great buy and no way could I have afforded them at full price!

These are one of my favorite sandals ever. I got them at a random online shoe shop and I regret that I hardly ever wore them. They look so dainty and pretty when worn. They kind of remind me of Carrie Bradshaw's shoes. If you are an SATC fan, remember the shoes she wore on Big's last night in NYC? I think it was the season 4 finale episode. Sadly these shoes kind of broke the last time I wore them but I'm not giving up on them. I'm determined to find a way to have them fixed!

I love the color combination of these shoes! Purple and light pink look so pretty and girly together. These are from a Korean brand called Spur.

These Charles and Keith wedges were a huge lifesaver from when I was living in Singapore, because for one..well I liked partying and clubbing a lot when I was there and I couldn't stand partying in flats! I also didn't have a car there so I had to walk a lot in heels. Comfy but chic looking heels were a must then! I'm so glad one of my best friends forced me to buy these. They are awesome for partying in because they are so comfy! They also look great with most party dresses and actually look higher than they do in the photo above. I've walked miles and danced up a storm many time in these shoes, I tell you!

What have you all been wearing on your feet lately?

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