Manolo Blahnik Chain Ankle-Strap Shoes


I havent posted about Manolo Blahnik shoes in awhile. This pair is pretty cool. For one I'm obsessed with ankle straps. And the akle straps in these are much cooler than the regular leather straps you see on most shoes. Plus pints for that! Plus, I read somewhere that Manolo Blahnik didnt like making shoes with a platform and he was all about the delicate feminine shoe.This shoe is simple and delicate and despite the bad-ass chain,  still looks feminine. 




Blahnik once said: "I like to create a very complicated shoe that looks simple" I think this pair totally embodies that saying!

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  1. Hm, I just find: very sexy! Like the price ;-)
    Manolos are very simple in their style so this chain is a good variety.
    Love, Ines

  2. Me encanta!!!

  3. Another amazing shoe find!
    Laura. xx

  4. you KILLED me with these pair.... in LOVE
    Kisses from Miami,

  5. Ahhh, these are beautiful, though I'd disagree that 'feminine' is defined to a narrow set of possibilities in shoes. Probably the only thing I don't completely love on these is the pointy toes, but I'm too in love with that ankle strap to care too much.



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