Ankle Strap Shoes...Saint Laurent

I am madly in love with ankle strap shoes. This pair by Saint Laurent, has a rather giant ankle strap in the form of this gold belt buckle.

They look so sleek and glamorous! There is not much of a platform so I am not sure how walking in this shoe will be. Probably not the most comfortable walk, BUT the fact that it has ankle strap will make the shoe easy to walk in as the strap will just secure your foot and ankle. Sorry but does that make sense? This is one reason I love ankle straps, they make the walk easier and more secure regardless of shoe height and lack of platforms.

This is by Saint Laurent. As you guys have noticed, they have dropped the "Yves" from the brand name. What do you guys think of this shoe and the change of name of YSL?

Find these HERE.

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  1. Sigh, it's sad to see them drop it but I guess times change. I do love these bad boys but, not sure how well I'd go walking in em, then again who cares LOL


  2. They are goooorgeous!!!!

  3. these are stunning! Adore that ankle strap.


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