The Ultimate Delicate Sandal...B Brian Atwood

If you read my blog regularly, you might remember that I wrote this post about delicate sandals. Basically delicate sandals are what some bloggers dub as "minimal" meaning they have sexy stiletto heels and absolutely no platform. They are the least chunky heels and look delicate and feminine and very pretty on any feet. 

Well ladies and gentleman (if there are any guy readers), I present to you THE ultimate in delicate sandals.

Not only are they not chunky and platform-less, they are in a neutral gold color which further amps up the minimalist in the shoe. 

Again, if you read this blog a lot and have a good memory, you may have noticed that I actually already featured these B Brian Atwood pair in another color. I could not, NOT post these again, this color is just so beautiful! Don't you guys agree?

Find them HERE.

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  1. Cute sandals! Kisses.

  2. Hi You
    Again I love this shoes!!!!
    Thay are fabulous!!!! I am a real fashiolover so you really drive me crazy with your pictures hihihi ;)
    I follow you on bloglovin, follower 63 that's me ;)
    Would be great if you follow back so we can stay in touch ;)
    Kisses Lima xxx

  3. Damn! That shoe is so classy and gorgeous!!!

  4. Preciosos! Te sigo desde ya! Me ha encantado tu blog!
    Gracias x pasarte x el mío, si te apetece seguirme
    Gracias y saludos!

  5. lovely shoes! so elegant and gorgeous :)

  6. These are really sexy indeed! Some people just know how to make gorgeous shoes.:)

  7. It looks so glam and feminine
    love it ♥

  8. Der Schuh sieht echt super aus! Aber ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass man darin gut laufen kann :D


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