A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Valentino

I usually do these "A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day" posts on Monday, but outside is a cold ad rainy day from where I'm from so i figured a lot of us probably need a little pick me up.

Today's pretty shoes are these jewel encrusted Valentino Mary Jane pumps.

It says in it description that the crystals in the shoe are faceted, so i'm guessing that once you put these on, there's a chance you could be a walking disco ball...all the light and reflection will just be bouncing of your feet. Hmmm, sparkling feet will look rather pretty I would think!  I mean these are Valentinos after all so hopefully the thought of having disco ball like feet wont seem too gaudy.

They look so dainty and delicate and I love how they made the ankle strap a nude color. it balances out the shoe perfectly, than if they made the ankle strap encrusted with jewels too.

Hope this pretty pair brightened up your day!

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  1. You always have the cutest shoes to post, love it

  2. These are absolutely lovely!!

  3. those shoes are to die for

  4. Wow, this shoes are perfect. I have a much cheaper version from BCBG in black and LOVE them. I've already done 2 posts with them.
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