Random Shoe post

Some random shoe images for this week.

This is the tagline or "quote" of a shoe store named Rubi Shoes. Love it! pretty much sums up my shoe sentiment. haha

One of my friends posted this on my facebook wall. I am now loving the new meaning of PMS. Haha, right now I'm totalling PMSing!

Which brings me to this next photo:

I say no high can ever compare to that of buying a new pair of shoes. Or two. Or FOUR. yikes! Can you blame me for wanting to partake in New Look's special offering of buy two take one free promo? Shall upload pictures soon.

Lastly, one of my best friends ever gave me this awesome scotch tape dispenser. Said she thought of me the moment she saw it! Aww, I have the best-est friends! But how awesome is this right? What a great office accessory.

Hope you guys all had a shoe filled day and will have a great weekend!

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  1. Me encanta el rollo de scotch está guay :)

    Gracias por pasarte por mi blog, acabo de volver de vacas y estoy poniendome al día, te sigo



  2. Yes! You've the best friends!!! The scotch tape dispenser is ideal!!! :)
    Nice post!!

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  4. My eye almost popped out buy two take one Free? am in haha <3 x


  5. OMG!! I saw that tape dispenser at Target and I bought it too!!
    I HAD to have it...it's too perfect ;)

  6. Oh. My. Gosh. I WANT that cellotape holder!!! It is so cool!
    I totally agree with those slogans :)

  7. thanks doll:)


  8. cool post :)


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