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Shoed or Shoed Not? Michael Antonio

Here is another candidate for a "Shoed or Shoed Not" post.

picture from HERE

Now just to give a short summary of the shoed or shoed not section: they are basically shoes I feature that I think could potentially be nice BUT have a certain factor in them that also makes me think twice about buying them or recommending anyone to buy. These shoes are Michael Antonio

picture from HERE

Let's start with all the shoed factors: 

1. I love the heel. I like that there is a a triad of colors piled up together.
2. Love the combination of black and gold.
3. The overall design of the shoe COULD BE ok, which brings me to the ...

Shoed Not factors:

1.) I dont like the front part of the shoe, looks a bit cheap, with it being kind of pointed.
2.) I know that The Amazing Spider Man is showing now, but don't you think that the spider web looking thing looks a bit ridiculous with all the other aspects of the shoe? I mean don't get me wrong, i think the spider web design on a shoe is really cool and unique - i just think that it's already a bit too much with all the details in the heels and all the chunk that the shoe has. 

picture from HERE

There's the front part of the shoe again, I really hate how it looks. I can't explain it, but somehow it looks a bit cheap.

picture from HERE

So what do you guys think? I'm not totally dissing this shoe okay? It does have some nice factors too like I mentioned above. It all really boils down to our own personal opinions.

Do you think this is a shoed or a shoed not???

If you think it's a shoed, then find them HERE.

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  1. I love them :) <3 <3 <3

  2. Love the shoes.

  3. Ugh....this one is a tough one because I think the shoe has great potential to be super cutting edge fashion....BUT....something, I don't know what...doesn't let me tell you "yes, buy it!".
    My vote is pass on it.


  4. I quite liked them, but to admire - I don't think I'd wear them - but you are right, black and gold are beautiful together!

  5. loved and ... pinned

  6. Know what you mean but I'm going to say shoed... Put them with a banging outfit and we're good to go:) sophie x


  7. I love these heels! I keep scrolling up and looking at them!

  8. I say shoed!!! I can see what you mean but I think it is possible to make them work if you dress them down a little bit!!:) one big kiss


  9. i agree with princess martha. it's got potential, but a bit too much for me, and not in a good way. pass!


  10. I totally like your blog! It is very unique and I love your shoe reviews...great job!

  11. i agree i think the webbing is a bit much. there is too much going on here.
    xo dana

  12. thanks for your comment....
    lots of kisses

  13. I saw this article and I immediately thought of your blog!
    It's pretty amazing!!

  14. it's an extraordinary design for sure but I am not too fond of the way they coloured the (spiderweb) gold: I think that aspect looks slightly cheap in this photo but you never know how they look IRL

  15. Amazing shoe! thanks for comment in my friend´s blog Showroomdegarde!

  16. agreed, has potential but the front looks cheap and the platform was not done well!too bad!:(

    ps.thank you for visiting our blog!!!

  17. I'm digging these! The heels just a smidge to high for me, though.

  18. As sandálias são lindas adoro-as :)


  19. Totally get your reservations, but could be a show stopper if styled properly... So its shoed for us.



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