Weird Shoe Wednesday

Hello people!

It's time for another Weird Shoe Wednesday post! 

I found these at Romwe, I don't think they have a specific brand, they are just simply called "Angel Wing Black Boots"

photo from , click HERE

Like I have said before in previous weird shoe Wednesdays posts, this section is not made to make fun of shoes but to marvel at those unique ones that we normally don't see people wearing and ones that we normally don't "ooh and aaah" at because it's pretty. The reaction for weird shoe Wednesday shoes would probably be: "whoa! cool shoe!"

ANYWAY, back to these angel boots:

photo from , click HERE

I think if you were the type to wear boots/stompers like this, then the wings can actually be kind of cool. Remember when Jeremy Scott did winged flats for adidas?(see my post about it HERE), I thought that it was a really pretty and awesome shoe. I remember wanting my own so badly at that time! These shoes, without the wings and studs look like you ordinary black stompers. Add those elements in, then it makes for a pretty cool weird shoe.

photo from , click HERE

So in short, these boots are pretty awesome  but I would not wear it!  But like I always say, I never judge people by the shoes that they wear! So if you like these, then click HERE to find them!

So what do you guys REALLY think about this shoe? Haha!

Speaking of wings, this is the second time I did shoes with wings for a weird shoe Wednesday post. Click HERE for the that last WSW post!

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  1. These are so beautiful, can totally see myself wearing them with a floral dress :D

  2. Now I really want those flying boots!

  3. Such a great idea: the angel boots!!! they're very nice and originals

  4. With these shoes you don't need any Red Bull! ;)


  5. Nice!!! :)


  6. Haha! The wings are kinda cheesy. I'm not sure I could pull off a pair of boots like these. But, I bet there are a few girls who could rock them. :)

  7. Haha I would not wear these either. They look cool, but I could not pull these off.


  8. These shoes are kind of awesome in my opinion.
    I just found about your blog and i love it!

  9. oh I love Romwe. they have some amazing stuff for great prices! I love the wings :)

    The House of Shoes

  10. As odd as these are, they're kind of awesome.

  11. You are so right. These are wierd with the wings on them. But at the same time oddly attractive.

  12. These boots are AMAZING, they're so cool, I want them!

  13. Funky and love it...but sadly, can never pull it off! <3

  14. I absolutely love this post.
    That boots are fantastic!!
    I've just started following you and l hope you follow me back!!
    Hmmm blog about shoes Good Looking~~))
    Tnx for comment me!!


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