Weird Shoe Wednesdays

I have decided to start a weekly blog post called Weird Shoe Wednesdays. Haha, I know I'm being weird but this being a shoe blog, I guess I need to write about ALL kinds of shoes and this includes the ugly side of shoes and not all gorgeousness...whut! Am I even making sense? ANYWAYS, reasons and issues aside, i will be giving my readers a weekly dose of weird/ugly. So here is my first pair for Weird Shoe Wednesday:

This is Philip Lim. I actually love a lot of Philim Lim shoes, dont get me wrong. He has a lot of fantastic ones but this, well just not one of my favorites.

I'm NOT claiming to be an expert on what looks good and what looks ugly, but I DO know what I like and don't like and lets just say this shoe makes it to my top 5 list of DONTs. How can it be pretty? I mean just LOOK at it...well, I think the heel height is actually okay but the rest of the shoe..never mind! if you DO like it, I wont judge you! is where I found it in case you are interested.

So this pair is just one of the tamer pairs for Weird Shoe Wednesdays. Will be featuring even WEIRDER shoes. So stay tuned if you care! haha

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  1. OK. At first I thought, "they are not wierd." But then took a closer look...yeah, design is a little strange.

  2. I think this is a shoe that it looks better on feet. I tried to imagine it and I believe it's not so bad after all. Tha "gap" in its inner side, is the reason for the non elegant outer side, beacuse it must be stable. All in all, I believe it's not an ugly shoe but nothing special either.


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