Withdrawal Shoe-toms

So I mentioned in passing that I have just recently quit my job. Which means no more recurring paydays every twice a month. Which also means no buying new shoes for awhile. Ok i'm such a liar, i've been buying nothing but shoes since I resigned two months ago. However I came to my senses and stopped around the first week of August realizing I don't have any paydays coming up for the time being. I'm not as senseless as to spend all my savings!

Soooo, about a week ago..i started having what I call ''Withdrawal Shoe-toms" So bad are my cravings for new shoes :o Here are a few pairs I'm lusting after: (that I hope to get sooner or later when i have money hehe)


Leopard print pumps from sassyspot. I like this particular pair because of the shape.
The next few pairs  are from a site i just discovered feet for a queen. The pictures that I grabbed from them have descriptions thats why they look like these:

The first pair above looks very similar to a pair that the shoeperwoman mentioned in one of her post. The one mentioned was from New Look and I remember wanting them so bad and sadly thinking I couldn't buy it because I do not live in the UK. But good news is I found these! so Yay!

For the second shoe, I love the green color - dont have this color in my shoe closet yet. 

And for the last pair, I so love the colour combinations plus the fact that its all glittery and gorgeous!

Sigh...just looking...


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