Some Spring 2012 shoes

So here are some Spring/Summer 2012 shoes that caught my eye:

Derek Lam:

I love these three that I selected. I think pointy shoes just might be 'in' this season. The white ones above just looks so clean and perfectly shaped. I  love the way they did the 'caged' sandal. I also adore the color combinations of the wedge, so pretty.

Donna Karan:

There were some pretty interesting wedges at Donna Karan. Not only did their wedges have holes in them, the designs on them were pretty detailed and intricate (they kind of remind me of  furniture, haha)  I love the textures and the designs and combinations of materials like garter and snakes skin as seen in the first picture. I loved the wedge on the second picture. I also love all the ankle straps crisscrossing in the last picture.


I actually wasn't too sold on the shoes at Fendi because of the heel but I love how colorful and pretty and dainty  the designs are...again i love all the ankle straps crossing over, will probably also be a trend this spring.

Oscar de la Renta:

So in the first picture, I really like to how the front part of the shoe looks like but the it turns out to be a wedge. Eugh. I think that particular shoe we've already seen  in seasons past and already trickled down to knockoffs, I just wish it was in stiletto form because it looks so ordinary as a wedge. I absolutely LOVE the second shoe, love the design and again we see the pointy shoe. The third picture, I wasn't so convinced at first when I saw it in black and white but then when I saw the pink one, i immediately loved how it look. As what  Garance Dore mentioned in her blog, this season will probably see a lot of the 'plexiglass' shoe or transparent shoe, whatever you want to call it and I couldn't agree with her more - saw a lot more of that trend in other designers.

So whew this was a long post! Still more spring 2012 shoes that caught my eye to come- fashion week is not over yet! But for now I shall leave you with these since my eyes are getting blurry from using the computer too much. Let me know what you think about these shoes!

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  1. Loving Derek Lam and Donna Karan, all shoes are gorgeous! xx

  2. I LOVE those heels....esp the multi color ones!! SSOOOOOO gorgeous! I NEED and WANT THEM ALL!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. fabulous!! xoxo

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  5. I think my favourite ones are the last ones, so original!!

  6. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment
    Love the first pair oh shoes and the ones from Donna Karan

    Kiss kiss.*Jo


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