Dedicated to My Fellow Shoe Addicts...

Have you guys heard of the documentary "God Save My Shoes"?

I haven't seen it yet, nor am i sure where I can see it or if it will ever be released here in my country but in You Tube, they have several clips of the documentary. One clip, i just HAD to share with you guys, it shows the Vogue Shoe Closet:

Sigh...shoe heaven.

Go to for more info on the documentary.

Can you imagine if your own personal shoe closet will be like that! OR do some of you shoe addicts already have shoe closets as grand as this? Would love to know! and send me a picture or a link!


  1. Wow, I wish I had a closet like this! At the moment, my shoes are just piled up in boxes around my bedroom, so it's a bit of a mess! Hopefully one day I'll have the space to display them all properly :)


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