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The Best Affordable Shoe Brand of 2015 : Asos

And my favorite affordable shoe brand of the year has definitely got to be Asos! I featured so many pairs in my Sunday Shoe Steals section and one or two individually. They just kept coming out with all these hits! Embellished heels, low block heels, flat thong sandals - these were the recurring themes of their collections and they all turned out so pretty! I am even rethinking my stance on the in-between heel height : the not so flat, not so high stiletto heel height! Asos came out with so many low block heel gorgeousness, that I am starting to get obsessed with the style. Here are some of the pairs I have featured throughout the year and also a few more pretties from their site. What do you think of all the shoes that Asos produced this year?

The Most Gorgeous Shoes of 2015

A few days ago, I did a year in review with the cutest affordable shoes. Now it's a round-up of my favorites and the dreamiest pairs that I have posted and fantasized  about all year. From rose embellished heels, to gorgeous shades of purple stilettos and crystal balls on a bootie - here are the most gorgeous pairs of 2015:

Dolce and Gabbana Rose Heels - I think if you were to make me pick just one shoe from this entire list to wear, I would definitely pick this. This pair is sooo pretty and unique!

12 Pairs of Cute Flats for NYE

New Year's Eve is coming and that can only mean one thing - all night partying! OK I know not EVERYONE parties on New Year's eve but definitely there will be some ceclebrating and it can't hurt to look cute and wear some fabulous shoes. For as long as I can remember,  I always end up wearing my highest heels - simply because it IS NYE and I want to look my best. The problem is though, I stay out all night and morning with them! And it usually takes like a week for my poor feet to recover from the consequences of standing in them for 8+ hours.

Tory Burch Chunky Heel Sandals

I have't really found a Tory Burch shoe that I liked but this pair is something that I am being very partial to! It has a chunky heel that features these cute embellishments and a velvet encased peep toe and ankle straps. This pair would look great with so many outfits, both casual and going out at night looks. What do you guys think?

Sunday Shoe Steals : The Cutest Affordable Pairs of 2015

As the year comes to end,  my "reflection" activity for that would be to go over all my shoe posts or the year and check out my favorite styles of the year. This 2015, I started Sunday Shoe Steals, wherein I feature  cute pairs that are really affordable too! Here is a round up of the ones I found the cutest for this year. 

Valentino Garavani Wing Sandals

Valentino Garavani Sandals feature a little winged detail in the front part of the shoe that has some gold tone studs. The pair has some ankle straps which I really love and though it's in a basic black color, the shoe itself is really interesting and unique because of the details in the front. What do you guys think of this pair? 

Collections : Star Wars Collection at Irregular Choice

I'm a bad shoe blogger. I only found out about the Star Wars collection from Irregular Choice just these past few days. Not that I am a huge fan of Star Wars (gasp. I know this will elicit a lot of outrage from fanatics ) but when a huge franchise like that is made into shoes - I know it is my absolutely responsibility as a shoe enthusiast to write about it! It's also pretty cool to see in shoes isn't it? Even to non-fans, the shoes produced from this collection are news worthy because they are so totally unique and weird. 

Wishlist : My Chrismas Shoelist

It's Christmas Day already tomorrow! What's on everybody's wishlist this year??? Mine is always the same every year : lots and lots of shoes!!! Though I can't afford most (well ALL of these pairs), there's a reason it's called a WISH list! No harm in dreaming right? Which  ones below are your favorites?

Fun Shoes : Edgardo Osorio for Salvatorre Ferragamo

What do you get when one of the hottest shoe designers around (Edgardo Osorio of Aquazzura) collaborates with a timeless classic brand like Salvatorre Ferragamo? Why, a polka dotted stiletto heel of course! Ferragamo is known or classic pieces like their timeless be ribboned flats, and sometimes also known for a brand that's worn by your grandma so it's pretty refreshing to see shoes like these pop up in their collections from time to time. Egardo Osorio has made the sexiest stilettos for Aquazzura and it's great to see his talent bestowed upon long time fashion houses like Ferragamo. What do you guys think of this collaboration?

Dsquared2 Lace-Up Heels

Dsquared2 has some of the coolest shoes around. This pair looks messy and looks like such an explosion of everything but I absolutely love it. It has this sort of tribal look around it, with the patterns in the back. It has orange lace-ups which I think complements rather nicely with the rest of the shoe, an ofcourse a super high stiletto heel which I adore. What do you guys think?

Sunday Shoe Steals : 12 Affordable Pairs You Can Gift Yourself This Christmas

Last Week I wrote about the 12 pairs you can gift yourself this Christmas. This post has the same theme except that all the shoes here are well below one hundred dollars. Like I said there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a nice pair of shoes.  Since these are all so affordable, you may even get more than a pair or all twelve! So for today's Sunday shoe steals, check out all the cute and affordable styles after the jump!

Oscar de la Renta 'Alyssa' Pumps

This is such a decadent looking shoe! It's a has a see through style that has some gorgeous detailed appliques all over. Though the over all coloring of the shoe is in neutral colors and in black, it still pops out and makes such a grand statement. Such a beautiful piece! What do you guys think of this pair from Oscar de la Renta?

Holiday Outfit Ideas With Valentino's Low Block Heeled Glitter Bow Pumps

How is the Holiday Season treating you so far? Up next on the Holiday Outfit Ideas Series are some looks to go with these Valentino low heeled glitter pumps I featured awhile back. I know Holiday parties tend to make us bust out those skyscraper stilettos but there's also nothing wrong in wearing some low heels  especially if they're as glittery and festive-looking as this one! Plus it will give your tired feet a nice break! Check out the rest of the outfit ideas after the jump!

Schutz 'Margo' Heels

I am so fond of barely there stiletto sandals - especially ones with interesting elements like these Schutz heels. It has a black and white color combination and straps that have triangular lines that go up to cross your ankles and tie up with some rope with tassels. This pair is simple but would add such a great touch to any outfit. What do you guys think?

Find this HERE.

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Jimmy Choo Ankle Boots

I am madly in love with these ankle boots from Jimmy Choo. It is yet again another shoe with bows, you guys know how obsessed I am with them! This pair is in a nude or taupe color an features cut-outs, a nice high heel and a pretty knotted bow at the back. Such a pretty shoe! What do you guys think?

12 Pairs of Shoes You Can Gift Yourself This Christmas

I know Christmas is all about giving and sharing to others - but there's absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself this time of year too! After all you've worked hard all year, plus Christmas bonuses are a-coming so why don't you go ahead and buy yourselves a pretty pair of shoes. Or two, or three! Here are some suggestions to help you decide :)

Chloe Gosselin 'Azalea' Black Ankle Boots

I've really been keeping watch over Chloe Gosselin's shoes. They are sleek and have really amazing structure and proportion. Her designs have a classic look with a little bit of twists and surprises thrown in here and there. These 'Azalea' black ankle boots are just that - classic and sleek made to look unique with the line cut-outs that go all the way down one side of the shoe.

Rene Caovilla Blue Laser Cut Pumps

I am loving the whole idea of these blue laser cut pumps from Rene Caovilla. The blue color, the prett curly laser cut designs found all over the shoes, the high heel and arch - are all the features that make this shoe so gorgeous! What do you think of this pair?

Holiday Outfit Ideas with the Titania Fairy Pumps from Sala Chaussures

By now, you're probably already getting invites to numerous holiday parties and events. And have also probably  RSVP'd to a few! The holiday season can become quite hectic so it's great if you already have an arsenal of outfits ready to be worn for any event that might crop up. I will be putting out a series of "Holiday Outfit Ideas" paired together certain styles of shoes to give you shoe and style lovers ideas on what to wear over the festivities. The first shoe in this series will be the Titania Winged Fairy pumps from my shoe line Sala Chaussures. I'm absolutely in love with this shoe and what better occassion to wear it than for the Christmas season right? Perfect way to add a little magic to your outfit! Check out the looks I came up with after the jump!

Tabitha Simmons Purple Heels

I've been obsessed with the color purple for as long as I can remember, so finding nice shoes in some shade of it is always such a treat for me! This pair by Tabitha Simmons, has a pinkish shade of purple and of course the most amazing high and thin stiletto heel. The straps in the front and ankle part are thin and nice and would look so pretty on the feet. They make for an interesting design, don't you think?

Sunday Shoe Steals : 10 affordable pairs

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend so far. How about making it more awesome with all these cute and affordable pairs of shoes? I've rounded up ten pairs of flats, boots and stilettos that are all sure to catch your fancy  whatever your shoe preferences may be. I'm really loving those nude lace up ballet flats from Topshop above, so current and trendy now. Also obsessing over fringe ankle boots like the ones below from Forever 21 and Sole Society. A gorgeous pale blue pump from Dorothy Perkins is also super covetable, I don't think I've ever owned a pair in this color before! Check out the rest after the jump!

Sexy Stiletto Saturdays : Oscar Tiye

The two circles found at the back of this shoe really reminds me of Mickey Mouse. Don't you guys think so? It's pretty cute actually! Other than that, this pair is actually a really very sexy pair of stilettos. It has a gorgeous black satin texture, dainty straps and a beautiful high stiletto heel. What do you guys think?

Christmas Shoe Gift List

It's already December! Christmas day is just around the corner, who's excited?? Most importantly, who's started their Christmas shopping already? I know the Christmas season can be pretty hectic and it's really best to get all your shopping out of the way as early as now. There are so many wonderful gift ideas out there but I thought I would narrow my gift list suggestions to...what else but shoes? Haha. This list is a specific guide on the types of shoes you can gift out to certain people in your lives. Read more after the jump!