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New Shoes...New Look Polkadot Peeptoe Pumps

I've been searching and searching the past year for the perfect polka dot shoes. Imagine my delight when I found these!
Bows AND polka dots! in a peeptoe! It's so pretty!

I love how the polka dots are concentrated on several parts and not the entire shoe. Look how gorgeous it looks on the heel from behind:

And on the bows:

I checked their site and it's still available if any of you want to by it! It's too pretty of a shoe to pass up I would think! Click HERE to find it.

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Steve Madden Spikes

So I think I needed to take a break from all the bows and girly shoes, hence this post about these Steve Madden Spiky Shoes.

I really love the metallic coor of it - the bronzey-brown variety. It's not such a common metallic color but it looks great with the spikes. Ofcourse, I also love the ankle strap- another favorite factor of mine in shoes.

What do you guys think? Love them or hate 'em?
Buy these shoes HERE.

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Alexander McQueen Pink Booties

I know what y'all are thinking: "oh no! not another pair of shoes with bows!" Because if any of you have noticed, this is like the second post this same week with shoes that have bows and like the gazillionth post in this blog overall. Haha. I do love bows, if that wasn't so obvious.
But seriously, look at these booties! Look at the gorgeous bow!

These are Alexander McQueen. Asides from the bows, I love this shocking pink color! Perfect way to really jazz up a dull fall outfit! (Not that we even have fall here in my part of the world, but oh well, a tropical-born girl can imagine wearing fall outfits too right?)
Find these bow beauties HERE
Wishing you all a beautiful and fun weekend!

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Giuseppe Zanotti Booties

Can I just gush about how awesome these shoes are? ( i think i must say this to almost all the shoes I feature here,  no?)

The lace and nude paired together make it look divine and just look at the details of the heels. It has all these subtly sparkly stones. A great must have for fall.

Find these HERE.

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Forever 21 Glitter Pumps

How adorable are these glitter pumps from Forever 21? I think if you're a regular reader here at life is a shoe, you can probably pinpoint why I love this shoe...
Yup, you guessed it! It's because of the lovely little bow at the back:

And this particular bow surely did not disappoint! I love how, first of all it's at the back of the shoe (not at the usual front part) I also like how it has the not so usual "perky" bow shape. This one is flat but still gets a little bit volume at the side. I also love how the bow has two textures: the glittery part and some satin-y edges! 

Ok, I think I may have talked about the bow a little too much. The rest of the shoe is pretty awesome. I love the color and I love how the glitter is not too shiny. It's a great shoe! best of all, it's from forever 21 so the price is pretty awesome too!

Find these HERE
I hope you guys have a shoe-filled day!

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New Shoes from New Look

These were part of a new look loot i got. They had a sale where if you get two items you can get any third item for free. Naturally I bought all shoes. Haha.

I really love the color of this pair. I didn't have any color like this in my shoe closet so this is a good break from the usual blacks and nudes. The style is also so pretty - love the swirly cages and the slight stitching on the edges (sorry not so clear in the photos).

Anyway, these shoes would be a great party-till-the-wee-hours-in-the-morning-shoe: it's comfy, the heel height is not super duper high - plus there's a platform that balances it out.
What do you guys think?
I hope you all have a shoe-filled day today!

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A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Aruna Seth

It's Monday once again peeps and it's time to hit you all with a shot of prettiness so that we can all forget the Monday blues:

This pretty pair is the butterfly heel by Aruna Seth. There are actually lots off different colors for the butterfly heel and all of them are gorgeous but I chose the green instead of the usual nudes and pinks and lace. The color really makes the bejeweled butterfly pop out. Love the tiny peep-toe and tough the heel height doesn't look too high, it actually says it's about 4 inches so i guess it's not too bad.

Aruna Seth is a fairly new shoe brand - I don't see it featured as much as other shoes yet (hmmm I can sense a designer shoe-light post coming up soon) but they are already pretty well known and respected by a lot of people. Check out the Aruna Seth website HERE to get a sense of this shoe brand.
The shoes could totally be Cinderella-like! they are so pretty and girly!
Find this pair HERE


ADR x H and M

So how psyched was everyone when it was announced that Anna Dello Russo was collaborating with H&M? I know I am!
I love Anna Dello Russo. She is definitely one of my favorite style icons. I love how she blatantly declares to the whole world that she is a fashion victim, how she dresses in the most gorgeous and frivolous outfits for a fashion show early morning and how she accessorizes. My gosh. Her accessories! She has the most beautiful collection and she once said in an interview that she had Four thousand pairs of shoes. Four thousand. Take that Imelda!
Anyway, so it really fits perfectly that she designed accessories and baubles for her collaboration for H&M. Yesterday, I actually got up early and went to H&M to see (and buy!) some of her goodies.

Look how gorgeous the packaging is! I almost don't want to take the accessories out and just leave it inside and stare at the box all day!
I got 3 kinds of accessories. The first one was this beautiful baroque cuff with …

Asos Black and White Pumps

I've always been drawn to black and white combinations in a shoe. Ever since I saw Carrie Bradshaw wear some in the the first episode of season 5 (sorry, couldn't find a decent photo),  I've been obsessed about finding the right pair. I already got one like this but then I feel like it's really not as nice.
These pair of Asos ones are actually one that I think is a GREAT black and white pair!

The lines are sleek and the black and white proportions are just right. Heel height is awesome-ly high and I love the shape of the pump.

Find these pumps HERE

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Jimmy Choo Shoes for the 111th Bergdorf Goodman Anniversary

How gorgoeus are these Choos? These shoes are only available at Bergdorf Goodman, made especially for their 111th anniversary.

The gorgeous embellishments on the mesh just makes this shoe look so exquisite.  It's like a piece of art! plus the red color is also not the usual popping red, its more like a deep red or close to maroon or burgundy. I love this pair!

Find this HERE!
Wishing you all a shoe filled day!

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