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Some New Shoes...

Here is another pair that I got from my last trip abroad in May.

Do you guys remember those really popular Zara Asymmetrical sandal? I remember when they came out they were everywhere. Most bloggers had them and most Zara stores were sold out of them. I remember feeling jealous and wanting to have a pair. They actually still had one or two pairs left in the Zara store in my capital but Zara here is like twice as much as in Spain so I didn't buy it. I feel like kicking myself a bit though :o
BUT, not anymore. While in Guam with the family, my sister chanced upon this pair, in of all places, Ross! Yes Ross, that big discount chain store that's found in the States.

They are kind of like the shape of the Zara shoe except with a twist. I love how there's like this dramatic collar like design up at the back, it makes the shoe look so gorgeous! My dad thinks they're pretty ugly, but what do guys know right? I love them! The pictures of them here, don't really do them just…


How awesome are these Dsquared shoes???

I love the combination of the white, with the ankle strap and all that glittery detail in the back! Another shoe that is like a piece of art.

I think anybody who reads this blog regularly would know that I LOVE ankle straps and heels that have details. If those colored flowers in the back part aren't your thing, then here's the gold version, they are to DIE for :

So what do guys think? are they gorgeous or are they gorgeous???
Find them HERE.
Hope you guys have a shoe filled day!

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Zebra Print Peeptoe Pumps...Badgely Mischka

Normally I wouldn't see the words Zebra Print and Badgeley Mishka together in one shoe. Badgely Mischka shoes tend to have very girly and pretty designs so  I was pleasantly surprised to find these ones:

The reason why they get special mention is that I've been looking for a nice Zebra-ish print shoe and the ones I found looked cheap. I like these because the shape and arch is perfect. I also love the knotted peep toe and it generally looks like a well made shoe.

Look at the view from the side!Perfect shape and arch! For me that is a really important factor in a shoe. There are some shoes that are pretty in theory but when you look at them closely, the proportions are all wrong making the total look of the shoe look, well, SO wrong.
Find these HERE.
Hope you guys have a shoe-filled day!


Summer Shoe...Rupert Sanderson Wedges

I think for most of you out there, summer has just started. Here is one shoe that I think is really pretty and summer appropriate.

I love the combination of prints and colors! the purple/magenta front part adds the perfect pop to the brown, black and white setting of the shoe.

They are also not super high so this would be perfect for running around during the summer!

                                                             Find these pretty sandals HERE


A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your Day...Rene Caovilla

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope this first work/school day of the week won't get you so glum.

Here is a pretty pair of Rene Caovilla shoes to brighten up your day:

It's a beautiful shoe with lots of details like lace and swarovski and glitter. Here you can see a closeup of the lace with swarovski in the front part:

Even the heel part has a glitter detail!

I found these shoes HERE.
I hope you guys have a shoe filled week!


Some Killer Shoes...Isabel Marant

Here are some killer heels to kick of your weekend: a pair f Isabel Marant fierce chain -strapped leather sandals:

Though it does not look super high in the pictures, the heel is actually 5 inches. A reasonable height I would think, any higher and I think the shoe might look too stripper-ish for my taste.

As I have mentioned numerous times all throughout my blog, I really love tan shoes. This shoe is a must in your closet! It's edgy without being tooooo edgy. I dont know if you get what I mean but what I mean is I dont like shoes that are toooo edgy and eclectic and dated. I also like the fact that there is no platform, if it did then it would have just made the shoe look cheap.

This is how it looks worn:

Find them HERE.
Hope you guys have a shoe filled weekend!


Shoe Envy: BCBG Max Azria

I'm totally crushing on these gorgeous peep toe d'orsay pumps that my sister got for herself at the BCBG outlet store:

I know it's a rather simple style but I love the proportions and the d'orsay style. Oh and I also love the little knotted bow in the front and the color. Sort of like a bronzy-gold color I would think. Looks more classy than all out flashy gold.

I think the d'orsay style became big during SATC days. Remember some of Carrie's shoes? I know I'm not a shoe authority or anything but I think this style of shoe should be deemed a classic! I could wear this style forever. Too bad they aren't mine! hehe.
Hope you have a shoe filled day!

All photos in this post are personal photos of If you want to use or repost these in anyway, please ask permission first! Contact details are found in my profile.

Jaw Dropping Shoes: Sergio Rossi Crystallized Satin Floral Sandal

Wow. All I can say is wow, after I feasted my eyes on this beauty:

This is the Sergio Rossi Crystallized Floral Sandal.

So what more do you think can I write about these shoes! They're like a pretty piece of art! (It kind of reminds me of one of my Indian bangles, but then that is another story). Anyway, you think that it has all these amazing elements at the frontal view of the shoe then you turn it around and surprise! There are even some little details in the heel! (anyone who reads this blog on a normal basis would know I LOVE seeing little details on the heel, even if they're just little dots)
So enough jabber, if you have lots of moola then go and buy these showstoppers HERE. If not, then just gawk at them here in my blog!
Hope you guys have a shoe filled day!


New Shoes...INC

Another new pair from shoe loot from Guam, these I.N.C. colorblock shoes that I found in the clearance rack at MAcy's.

I really love all the colors together in this shoe, but most especially the pink color! Even if this shoe were all in this pink color, I wouldn't mind at all!

I also really love the "flat" bow in it.

I got these shoes on sale at the Macy's store during a recent trip to Guam. It's weird coz most of the shoes that I bought during this trip (might feature some of the other shoes here soon) , I have had to buy a half size up. This shoe was the only one in my normal shoe size and I thought it was teeny bit tight when I tried it on the store. I didn't think the tightness was a big deal because with pumps I like the shoe to fit just perfectly because pumps are very hard to walk in if they are loose. Anyway, I wore these out yesterday and they loosened up a wee bit so now they fit perfectly and my feet didn't hurt at all! I really love this s…