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Shoe of the Day...Zara Jelly sandals

Wore these Zara Jelly Shoe out sometime last week:

I don't know why they are called a "jelly" sandal, but what I do know is that I love these shoes to death.  I think I've featured these shoes like 3 times on this blog already since I first heard of them and actually acquired them. (they are fall/winter 2011 Zaras)

I know that they may kind of look like ballroom dancing shoes but to me they are too pretty to be perceived  as that. The can be worn with dresses and jeans and whatever you feel like it! I really love the two tone color and the small studs. Also LOVE the t-strap! They are also really comfortable.

These Shoes are are Save Number 53 on my shoe challenge. Read all about the challenge HERE and click HERE if you want to keep up with my shoe saving progress.
What do you guys think of these shoes?
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

All photos in this post are personal photos of If you want to use o…

B Brian Atwood

How gorgeos are these B by Brian Atwood Strappy sandals?

Dont you just love the super thin snake skin straps? And the graduation of colors! Super gorgeous!

I found these shoes HERE.


A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up your day...Zara

I want these Zaras so badly! I just recently saw the "live" version of these in the Zara store the other day and they are even prettier in person!

I wish I had tried them on but I have no doubt that these pretties will look absolutely wonderful on anyone's feet. They are delicate and nude and will elongate the legs. Though the heel is not that high, the design and color more than make up for the height. 

I'm really digging this kind of look in shoes :  the ankle strap, no platform and with a single bar in the front part of the feet. I recently just got a style similar to this (which I'll showcase in this blog sooner or later). The ones I got are cheaper and have a shorter heel than this and bought too tide me over till I can afford these Zara ones! I really love this style of shoe and would not mind having several pairs!

I hope you guys find these as pretty as I do and hope that it brightened up your Monday!
I found these HERE.

Like my FACEBOO…

Jean Michel Cazabat

I think if you're an avid reader of this blog, you would know that I adore two-tone shoes. At first I've loved the two-tone combination of black and white or nude and black. Then gradually I graduated to liking and appreciating other color combinations. One of my favorites were Bershka Pumps that had the most gorgeous color combination: light pink and tan (see that post HERE)
Today's shoes are these beauties from Jean Michel Cazabat. The two tones of these shoes are really pretty and I couldn't decide which combianiton I liked best;
The blue and green ones:

Or the purple/pink/mauve ones?

So what do you guys think? which color do you like best?I really love the snakeskin texture paired with the suede and  I can't decide which color is nicer! As if I can even afford them. Haha. If you do want these shoes, then I found them HERE.


Shoe of the Day

My shoe of the day for this post is a pair of Forever 21 nude peeptoes with a strap in the middle:

 I wore it with this striped top from Massimo Dutti (I actually just found this shirt in my closet, no idea where it came from - it's probably one of my sister's haha) some no name shorts and a necklace from forever 21.

This shoe is Save #49 of shoeper shoe challege that I joined. Check out the challenge HERE and my profile HERE. I'm saving pairs really fast but I'm also acquiring new pairs pretty fast! eeek! :o
As always, thanks for stopping by!

All photos in this post are personal photos of If you want to use or repost these in anyway, please ask permission first! Contact details are found in my profile.

Giambattista Valli

How cute are the bows in this Giambattista Valli Shoes?

I always love bows in shoes but this bow is extra special because it's not you usual ordinary bow:

I'd like to call in an "industrial bow" because the material is like a metal. Normally bows are usually so girly with a satin or velvet material. This is a really nice break from the usual.

Add the usual suspects of a black and white combination plus an ankle strap, then you've got yourself a perfect shoe!

Do you guys love these as much as I do?
Find them HERE.


A Pretty Summer Shoe...Steve Madden

Since Summer is approaching for most of you out there (i don't include myself because summer for my country started in March and is pretty much ending now...BUT it's hot all year round here so it doesn't matter!)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah..summer is approaching for a lot of people and I just wanted to share this shoe from Steve Madden.

I just found this while scouring the DSW website so I'm pretty sure it's already on sale! I love the color!

They have a black and white version too, they're both pretty actually!

What do you guys think? Would you wear these for summer? What shoes do you guys usually wear for the summer?
Find these HERE.


Rachel Zoe Flat Sandal

I have written before that I am not a HUGE fan of flat sandals. Not that I don't like them, I just feel like most styles don't look nice on my feet or legs. I actually also don't like a LOT of the styles that flat sandals have to offer. It's no wonder I hardly feature them here.

BUT, I saw these Rachel Zoe's and I fell in love with them!

They are so simple and classic yet they look so luxurious and stylish. I love the nude color and the ankle strap (ofcourse). And I love that the gold buckle adds a touch of luxury to the overall look of the shoe.

This is the perfect summer shoe! I would totally pair this with a long flowy all white maxi dress. Such a gorgeous flat sandal!
Find these HERE.


Shoe of the Day

My shoe of the Day: New Look two-toned Mary Janes.

I wore it with jeans from Giordano, a random light grey shirt with polka dots and some pearls again.

This pair of New Look shoes is save number 47 in the shoeper shoe challenge that I'm joining.
Click HERE if you want to know more about the challenge and if you want to join.
I wont be uploading all of my shoe saves into the blog so click HERE for my shoeper shoe profile if ever you want to keep up with my shoe saving progeress!

All photos in this post are personal photos of If you want to use or repost these in anyway, please ask permission first! Contact details are found in my profile.

Weird Shoe Wednesday

Hello people!
It's time for another Weird Shoe Wednesday post! 
I found these at Romwe, I don't think they have a specific brand, they are just simply called "Angel Wing Black Boots"

Like I have said before in previous weird shoe Wednesdays posts, this section is not made to make fun of shoes but to marvel at those unique ones that we normally don't see people wearing and ones that we normally don't "ooh and aaah" at because it's pretty. The reaction for weird shoe Wednesday shoes would probably be: "whoa! cool shoe!"
ANYWAY, back to these angel boots:

I think if you were the type to wear boots/stompers like this, then the wings can actually be kind of cool. Remember when Jeremy Scott did winged flats for adidas?(see my post about it HERE), I thought that it was a really pretty and awesome shoe. I remember wanting my own so badly at that time! These shoes, without the wings and studs look like you ordinary black stompers. Add those ele…