Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bershka Pumps

I love these Bershka Pumps! It's definitely a must lust shoe for me. And at such an affordable price too!

photo from here 

photo from here

I am so loving the colors. Pink and Tan look really good together. It looks like a refreshing change from other color combinations. An added bonus to the shoe is the great shape and the heel height. I always love a well shaped shoe (meaning the arc is done perfectly) and some really high heels!

Find these here. 

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fall 2012 Shoes Part 3

And here's part 3 of Fall 2012 shoes. I already wrote about some other fall shoes here and here.

And here's more:


photo from vogue.com

I'm not sure if I would wear these type of shoes but the color combinations are pretty interesting in this collection. Love the orange and brown!

Alexander McQueen

photo from vogue.com 

Wow now these McQueens are really something! Again, I don't think I would wear these but they're still worth showing. I mean look at that!


photo from vogue.com 

Now these Aquilano.Rimondis, i would DEFINITELY wear!!! Look how pretty those pumps are! The bows! They remind me of a style Christian Louboutin did that had bows in the back. These ones are just toooo pretty too!


photo from vogue.com 

I honestly do not like the Balenciaga shoes in this rnway, the heel is too short and the shoes just dont make the legs look attractive at all but I like that they had two tone color combinations!


photo from vogue.com 

Balmain shoes were a bit boring - though I like the lace up booties!


photo from vogue.com 

Blumarine shoes look kind of futuristic, don't they? The textures on the one on the leftmost and rightmost kind of remind of of the insides of cooler bags. Haha. But I love the leopard print in the middle! Reminds me of Alaia.


photo from vogue.com 

These I'm not sure I love. I dont like the shape of the shoe and the height of the heel. But I LOVE the fact that the heels have a little crystal dangling from it and I love the graduation of colors.

Christopher Kane

photo from vogue.com 

Hmm. Not really feeling these shoes alot...

David Koma

photo from vogue.com 

These I find really cool! Look at the heel!

Derek Lam

photo from vogue.com 

Derek Lam shoes are pretty ok. I'm glad that the cap toe will still be in next season.

Dolce and Gabbana

photo from vogue.com 

photo from vogue.com 

I really love Dolce and Gabbana fashion shows. They always have different styles of shoes! Other designers usually have a theme for shoes and the only difference in the design is the color or texture but for Dolce and Gabbana, they always have a variety!Tthey're all different! From booties to mary janes to embellishments to candy color shoes!


photo from vogue.com 

These DVF shoes are one of my favorites! I love how they did the heel and I'm loving the colors! 

Emilio Pucci

photo from vogue.com 

I also really love these puccis! they also had the slingback in a gorgeous green color!


photo from vogue.com 

I love the colors and textures of these Erdem shoes. The heel is pretty weird though, but kind of unique.

Roland Mouret

photo from vogue.com 

Love the two tones in this collection!

Christian Dior

photo from vogue.com 

I love the Dior shoes too, even if they are kind of chunky. The shape is unique and I love the animal prints!

Which ones are your favorites???

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm Doing the Shoeper Shoe Challenge

Sounds Interesting right???

About a year ago, I stumbled upon this lovely blog about one my favorite things in the world. (Shoes, duh). This blog is called Shoeperwoman. Now, the Shoeperwoman (aka amber) came up with this really cool shoeper shoe challenge: try to wear ALL of your shoes in the space of one year or else you have to get rid of the ones that were not worn.

As a shoe lover, I must confess that I have quite a bit of shoes and not all of these shoes are actually worn throughout the year. Such a waste right? So this challenge is really a great way to see what shoes you have and to get your ROI (return on investment) haha out of ALL of them. Shoes are totally meant to be worn and not just to sit pretty in your closet!

This year, Amber did something different with the challenge. Instead of uploading pictures of the people "saving" their shoes to her blog, she and her husband Terry created sort of like a social network for shoes where you can upload your profile, your shoe saves and etc. So cool right??? (hey amber, maybe you and terry will be the next mark zuckerberg or something for shoe social networks? teehee)


CLICK HERE to know more about the challenge from Shoeperwoman herself.

CLICK HERE to Join the challenge.

I joined the challenge last week and here is my PROFILE. 

Asides from being able to upload our shoe saves, there are forums where we discuss everything about shoes and about other things too, like clothes! Members even upload their shoe collection and like Amber, I love looking at other people's shoes, you can too if you want!

A peek into my shoe closet - didn't show everything as they are all over the place and they have different types of storage.

CLICK HERE for the forums.

Since I joined the challenged I've already saved about 10 pairs. Which is really great! Here are pictures of some of my shoe saves:

Shoe Save # 4: Zara Sandals

Shoe Save #2: Shoes from a random store in Madrid, Spain

Shoe Save #3

Shoe Save #6: Aldo Peeptoes

Shoe Save #7

I'm really loving the challenge, i think I've saved a pair everyday since I joined! Once again CLICK HERE to check it out and HERE to join.

If you just want to look at the shoes, then just visit shoeperwoman's blog HERE.

I'll be posting some of my shoe saves in my blog occasionally but I won't be putting ALL of them here. If you want to keep up with my shoe saves then just check my shoeper PROFILE.

Thanks for reading guys!!!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Leopard Print Babies

Ack...I just added two new pairs into my collection. I couldn't resist, they were both so darn cute!

These are so dainty and pretty, I love it! They also had a brown version and I am using all my willpower NOT to get them! but we'll see! 

I've been looking for a pair of leopard loafers but can't manage to find any nice ones here in my city till I stumbled upon these in one of the local shops! Also love that it has a nude front with some studs. Not a big fan of studs on shoes but with leopard they look great! makes the loafer look unique!

They are both from So Fab Shoes (a local Philippine brand)

As you can see see they're both leopard. I really think leopard is a must in every shoe closet. I read somewhere in somebody else's blog that leopard should really be considered a basic! Now I'm off to get leopard peeptoes, leopard pumps, leopard anything! Teehee I wish!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Pretty Pair to Brighten Up Your day...Oscar de la Renta

I've neglected this section in my blog for 2 weeks now, I usually have this every Mondays - boo me! :o

Anyways, without further ado, here is today's pretty pair:

picture from here

picture from here 

picture from here 

I'm sure most of your are thinking that these look too much like a wedding shoe but I think they're fabulous for a non wedding day! You can wear them with jeans, a dress with a full skirt and maybe some mid length capri pants.

This d'orsay style of shoe really reminds me of the Carrie Bradshaw/Sex and the City days. Remember her Manolos that got stolen? I think I fell in love with the d'orsay style when I saw that episode, and even if that was years and years ago, i'm  glad that some designers are still making them.

These days there so many "edgy" shoes like gladiators, oxfords, flatforms (ugh), over the top strappys, huge platforms and so on. While I don't have anything against those shoes (well maybe I do with some, teehee) I still love a beautifully made, exquisite and NON chunky shoe. I like to call them the "delicate" shoes (thought of this term in this post.)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aperlai One Wing Sandal

Okay, I am making the name of this shoe up. In it's description it's actually called "Leather and Snakeskin Slingback Platform Sandals"

picture from here.

Don't you think though that they look like a half wing?

I don't know about you guys but I absolutely love this shoe! It's unique, has the greatest color combinations and textures (nude and snakeskin) and is ofcourse by Aperlai. In case you are new to my blog see my Designer Shoelight on this brand here.

picture from here. 

picture from here. 

Find this shoe here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Miu Miu Cherry Flat Sandals

I' ve mentioned in this post before that I'm not that fond of flat sandals (purely because of the way they make my feet look) but every once in a while i stumble upon a pair that are too cute to NOT post.

How fabulous are these Miu Miu cherry sandals???

photo from here

photo from here

photo from here

photo from here
Here they are when worn. can't get pver how cute they are!

photo from here

I found these here.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New In

SO I have mentioned a few times in some of my entries that one of the suppliers of my nice shoes are none other than my two fabulous sisters! Since they are both based in other cities that have nicer shoe choices, they never hesitate to bring me back some goodies once in awhile!

The latest of  said goodies are these:

Love the red bow and piping!

These are from New Look and they are still available in their website, in case anyone's interested.

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All photos in this post are personal photos of  lifeisashoe.blogspot.com. If you want to use or repost these in anyway, please ask permission first! Contact details are found in my profile.