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Some Spring 2012 shoes

So here are some Spring/Summer 2012 shoes that caught my eye:

Derek Lam:

I love these three that I selected. I think pointy shoes just might be 'in' this season. The white ones above just looks so clean and perfectly shaped. I  love the way they did the 'caged' sandal. I also adore the color combinations of the wedge, so pretty.

Donna Karan:

There were some pretty interesting wedges at Donna Karan. Not only did their wedges have holes in them, the designs on them were pretty detailed and intricate (they kind of remind me of  furniture, haha)  I love the textures and the designs and combinations of materials like garter and snakes skin as seen in the first picture. I loved the wedge on the second picture. I also love all the ankle straps crisscrossing in the last picture.


I actually wasn't too sold on the shoes at Fendi because of the heel but I love how colorful and pretty and dainty  the designs are...again i love all the ankle straps crossing over, will proba…


I am IN LOVE with these Gucci Shoes as seen in the Spring 2012 runway of the brand.

The other day, while I was reviewing my shoe collection..I decided I had too many shoes with platforms at the sole. I decided I was getting sick of it and was ready for more 'delicate' shoes and less chunky shoes. Well these Guccis are a perfect example of 'delicate' shoes. No chunks, no platforms just beautiful material and texture, a delicate pretty chain and some stiletto heels.
 I have a feeling that we will be seeing more delicate shoes this season the pictures that I have gathered on the shows so far are the lesser chunky ones of  the season. So excited to see more especially from Milan and Paris.!
All Photos from

Reed Krakoff

I'm Ashamed to say that I do not know much of this brand. It was only while browsing at did I come across these beauties:

Asides from the color combination, I totally love the combination of skins! It says in the description that there is lizard skin in here..looks great with leather, suede and that shiny leather bit over there...

Look how pretty they are when they're worn! *whimper* I want these!!!
Find it here.

Dedicated to My Fellow Shoe Addicts...

Have you guys heard of the documentary "God Save My Shoes"?

I haven't seen it yet, nor am i sure where I can see it or if it will ever be released here in my country but in You Tube, they have several clips of the documentary. One clip, i just HAD to share with you guys, it shows the Vogue Shoe Closet:

Sigh...shoe heaven.
Go to for more info on the documentary.
Can you imagine if your own personal shoe closet will be like that! OR do some of you shoe addicts already have shoe closets as grand as this? Would love to know! and send me a picture or a link!

Nicholas Kirkwood

Speaking of interesting heels...

As mentioned in a previous Miu Miu post, I love shoes with a different and interesting heel.

I never really found a Nicholas Kirkwood pair that I really like, but here is one that caught my eye.

In the description, the color says 'teal and bordeaux' Love it! This is great color combination! I also love the square-ish shape of the heel, the shape is kind of like my Christian Siriano for Payless pair featured here.

Find this pair here.

Christian Loboutin Two Tones

I love two tone shoes.

I especially love these two tones by Christian Loboutin.

Whats not the love about this shoe? The shape is perfect. The heel is perfect.  love the cut-outs in the back and i especially love the combination of the gold and black tones. (Find them here)

My sister actually has a Topshop pair  that is also in the gold and black two tone combination:

Of course, it's nowhere as nice as the Loubs but I think its still a pretty satisfactory pair of a gold capped shoe. Conveniently my sister left it here at home so I might be able to get some use out of them...

Note: My sister got this at the last Topshop sale so I am not sure if they are still available. I couldn't find them online.

Manolo Blahnik Diva boots

When I saw these Manolok Blahnik booties, the first thought that came to my mind was: 'It's so Diva like!" I imagine Cruella Deville (is this the right spelling?) will look perfectly at home with these. But who says we cant wear them? I think all of us have this hidden or inner diva and super glam side. I know I do!! Sadly, I live in a tropical country so I'd like to imagine that I will be wearing these boots if ever there was winter here.

Looks kind of weird from the back but I think they will look great once worn. Found them here.

I think this boot will look great with a lot of stuff! Personally I would wear them with skinny jeans or with tights and a flared coat or with black skinnies and a cape..lotsa stuff! I wish there was winter here! I also wished I could afford this shoe in the first place. haha!

Miu Miu Heels

I was browsing at again (for some reason i do a lot of my shoe browsig there) and I came across these Miu Miu heels. I really love embellished heels or heels with an interesting factor:

See the heel? It's gorgeous! Form the front part the heel doesn't look so high but it says on the description that it's 5 inches. Find them here.

Withdrawal Shoe-toms

So I mentioned in passing that I have just recently quit my job. Which means no more recurring paydays every twice a month. Which also means no buying new shoes for awhile. Ok i'm such a liar, i've been buying nothing but shoes since I resigned two months ago. However I came to my senses and stopped around the first week of August realizing I don't have any paydays coming up for the time being. I'm not as senseless as to spend all my savings!
Soooo, about a week ago..i started having what I call ''Withdrawal Shoe-toms" So bad are my cravings for new shoes :o Here are a few pairs I'm lusting after: (that I hope to get sooner or later when i have money hehe)

Leopard print pumps from sassyspot. I like this particular pair because of the shape. The next few pairs  are from a site i just discovered feet for a queen. The pictures that I grabbed from them have descriptions thats why they look like these:

The first pair above looks very similar to a pair that the